Four strands of (supposedly) George Washington’s hair fetch $17,000.

Man, I wish I had the kind of money to throw away on something as ludicrous as this: – Man Buys 4 Strands of George Washington’s Hair for $17G

LEXINGTON, Ky. —  It might not even really be George Washington’s hair — but it still sold for $17,000.

Four strands reportedly clipped from the first president were sold at auction Friday night to a Richmond man who declined to give his name.

Colorado resident Christa Allen said her father, a Philadelphia attorney, had given her the hair, which was pressed under glass in a locket and accompanied by a watch.

Allen told potential buyers that the hair had been handed down since it was clipped from Washington’s head. The Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pa., inspected Allen’s evidence and gave her its backing.

Of course I wouldn’t throw it away on stuff like that. Still I don’t know what’s more amazing: That someone spent 17G on four strands of hair or that the person selling it thought they might be able to get $75G for them.

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