Failing at educating their kids, Floridians turn to prayer.

The state of Florida has a reputation among some people as being full of brain-dead morons. News stories like this Orlando Sentinel article do nothing to change that impression:

When Evans High School students bend their heads to take the 2008 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, dozens of community members will bow their heads, too—in prayer.

A group of about 40 churchgoers hopes that God’s power will do what studying has not for the struggling Pine Hills school: raise its state-issued letter grade above the F it received the past two years.

“Once you’ve done all you can do, you put it in the Lord’s hands,” said the Rev. Michael Kimbrough, pastor of Rising Sun Baptist Church in Pine Hills, who is organizing the prayer chain.

Florida has been in the news recently as the state Board of Education debated over new science standards that would require teaching the Theory of Evolution for the first time (it wasn’t a requirement previously). Around a half-dozen local school boards had folks pushing to have Evolution banned and/or ID/Creationism inserted into the science curriculum. Is it any wonder then that when faced with schools not making the grade the solution some folks come up with isn’t to improve the quality of the education, but to throw up their hands and declare they’ve done everything they can do and it’ll take a miracle from God to keep their kids from being total idiots?

Every now and then someone asks me, “What’s the harm in letting people believe what they want to believe?” I’d say the above is at least one very good example of the harm.

4 thoughts on “Failing at educating their kids, Floridians turn to prayer.

  1. One of my issues with religion; it passes responsibility from the individual to a figment of our imagination. In cases like this one that is pretty dangerous.

  2. This reminds me of an SNL skit from 1993 – it was called “Obsessive Praying”.  I think Phil Hartman played Jesus.  It involved a Christian housewife who prayed for Jesus’ help in everything she did – please help my kids get to school on time, let the water get hot enough to do dishes, help the dishes get clean, etc etc etc.  Jesus appears and says, hey, could you please knock it off – if I gotta be over here taking care of your dishes, I can’t help all the people dying in Africa.  Do you really need my help to do your dishes?  How about doing things for yourself?

    Tried to find a video of it online, wasn’t able to.

  3. I’d never heard of Pine Hills Florida so did a quick bit of research and I was not surprised even a little bit to discover that the failing school has exactly the same commonality as other failing schools across the nation such as those in St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, etc. They can pray all they want to anyone they want and it’s not going to help.

    Once we as a people come to terms with the reality that all people couldn’t have been created equal simply because they weren’t created, we might be able to accept that some kids are just dumb. People love to believe in nonsense, if it isn’t religion, it’ll be something else. Parents believe that taking their moron kid to a better performing school will somehow make their little treasure smart when the reality is that the kid will still be a moron, they’ll be out their investment, and the better school will suffer because their little moron brought down the average.

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