Bush goes all delusional again at Republican Governors Association Gala.

President Bush is once again demonstrating how he lives in his own little world that isn’t impacted by things such as facts and reality in general. During a speech at the 2008 Republican Governors Association Gala he made the following pronouncements:

I don’t know about you, but I’m confident we’ll hold the White House in 2008. (Applause.) And I don’t want the next Republican President to be lonely, and that is why we got to take the House, retake the Senate, and make sure our states are governed by Republican governors. (Applause.)

Our ideas are those embraced by the American people. American people want strong national defense and they want the government to protect the people from further attack, and that’s precisely what Republicans will give them. Americans want lower taxes and less government, and it’s precisely what Republicans will give them. Americans want strong, principled leadership, and that is precisely what Republicans will give them.

And so when I say I’m confident, I am so because I understand the mentality of the American people and I understand the mentality of our candidates. And there’s no question in my mind, with your help, 2008 is going to be a great year. (Applause.)

I suppose the above could be written off as standard “rah-rah” team spirit nonsense, but considering how poorly the Republican party is held by much of the public these days it seems a bit… optimistic to state with any certainty that the White House will see a Republican residing in it come 2009. Sure, it’s a possibility as is the possibility that both houses of Congress will revert to Republican control and all the states will elect Republicans, but it doesn’t seem anything close to something one should be confident about. One things for damn sure and that’s that Bush doesn’t understand the mentality of the American people all that well. If he did then I doubt his approval rating would be in the toilet.

Next he talks about Iraq and Afghanistan:

There are two major fronts in this war: one is in Afghanistan and one is in Iraq; and I want to spend a little time on Iraq. First of all, the decision to remove Saddam Hussein was the right decision for world peace and for the security of the American people. (Applause.)

This is utter nonsense. Saddam posed no threat to the United States or, for that matter, to world peace. His army never really recovered from the pounding it took in the first war and his supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction programs were wild fantasies at best. His supposed ties to al Qaeda were fictions and he was barely a threat to his neighboring countries. At worst he was a threat to his own people and as much as they suffered under Saddam’s rule it’s hard to see how they’re faring any better under their current circumstances. We didn’t make things better in Iraq, we made them much worse.

Next Bush ramps up the crazy:

One of the principles by which I have been operating is this: I believe in an Almighty, and I believe a gift of that Almighty to every man, woman and child is freedom. And I believe it is in the interests of the United States of America to free people from disease and hunger and want and tyranny. It is in our interests to make sure that we defeat the ideologues of hate with an ideology that has worked throughout the centuries. I believe 50 years from now, people will look back at this period of time, and say, thank God the United States of America did not lose its faith in the transformative power of liberty to bring the peace we want for our children and our grandchildren. (Applause.)

It’s hard to believe anyone could still hold such a rosy assessment of the Iraq war and Bush really shows just how batshit crazy he is with the above statement. It doesn’t help that his actions don’t match up to his rhetoric. For all his talk of freedom from disease and hunger the handful of aid programs he’s put forth are rife with restrictions on how that money can be used.

For example: A bill to provide help to Africa in combating AIDS that’s making its way through Congress would require a third of the $30 billion over five years to be devoted to abstinence-only education and Republicans are upset over a provision added by Democrats that would include Family Planning services because it might mean some money being used to provide abortions or hand out condoms. Sure, they’re willing to help so long as you don’t do anything they don’t approve of regardless of how stupid our reasoning is.

Moving on to the Protect America act which recently expired Bush has this to say:

And that is why we worked with the United States Congress last summer to pass the Protect America Act. And the Congress passed the act, giving our professionals the tools they need. The problem is, the act expired recently, and yet to—the threat to America has not expired. And so now we’re in a debate about whether or not we ought to pass a good piece of legislation necessary to protect the American people.

More nonsense. Yes, the act expired and good riddance to it as well. The argument that it leaves us vulnerable is bullshit. First off the law won’t actually cease to apply until sometime in August, but even if it had suddenly gone away there’s still plenty of authority for wiretaps using the previous FISA rules. It just means the government would have to get a legal warrant to wiretap. It doesn’t even have to do it ahead of time as the old FISA law allowed for applying for a warrant after you had already established a wiretap. The problem for Bush and his cronies is that requiring a wiretap means there will be scrutiny of what they’re up to and even though FISA almost never turns down a wiretap request the fact that someone has oversight just drives Bush right up the wall.

Then there’s the telephone companies that broke the law in participating with the Bush Administration:

And here’s the crux of the problem: Companies that were believed to have helped us protect America from attack are now being sued for billions of dollars. That’s wrong, it’s a mistake, and the United States Congress needs to give those companies liability protection. And let me tell you why.

First, it is not fair to treat these companies this way. Our government told them that their participation was necessary in order to protect us from further attack. And we asked them—and when we asked them to make those protections, we told them it was legal to do so. And I firmly believe it is legal for them to help us protect the American people. And now they’re getting sued. What’s more important, lawyers or protecting the United States of America from further attack? (Applause.)

Let’s rephrase that last question to what Bush really means: “What’s more important, the rule of law or me being able to do whatever the fuck I want without anyone else knowing about it?” Bush may have thought his request to the telecos was legal, but he was wrong. The only company to recognize that fact was Qwest. Everyone else who broke the law deserves whatever the fuck they’ve got coming to them and, for that matter, whoever the fuck told the companies that it was legal needs to be brought up on charges as well.

Secondly, these lawsuits would require disclosure of information which would make it harder to protect the country. These trial—if these cases go to trial, these companies will have to defend themselves. And they’ll be asked all kinds of questions about the tactics they have used to help protect our country. It makes no sense to reveal our secrets to the enemy.

Again, an SEB Translation: “If these cases go to trail then you’ll all be able to see how I was shredding your civil rights and the Constitution. I can’t control the message if you guys know the truth.”

Thirdly, and finally, these—without law, without liability protection for a job that we asked them to do in service to the United States of America, it will make it harder to convince companies to participate in the future. If you’ve done something that you think is perfectly legal, and all of a sudden you’re facing billions of dollars of lawsuits, it is going to be hard to provide with credibility assurances that you can go forward.


Need more proof he’s fucking nuts? How’s this:

Our domestic agenda is based upon this simple principle: We trust the American people, and we will empower them to make the right decisions for their families. We trust in the collective wisdom of the American citizenry. On health, we trust patients to make their own decisions, and we empower them with HSAs and AHPs, all aimed at making sure health care decisions are made between patients and doctors, not by bureaucrats here in Washington, D.C.

If he trusted the American people so much then he wouldn’t need to be so fucking secretive about everything his Administration does, but he’s lying. He doesn’t trust in the collective wisdom of the American citizenry at all. He wants to spy on you without oversight not just to keep you safe, which I’m sure is one of the things he believes he’d accomplish, but also for political expediency. If you think this man isn’t abusing the domestic spying programs he’s put into place then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

That’s about all I can stand to read through at this point, but I think it’s more than enough to show the man isn’t living in the same reality as the rest of us. It’s just a shame we have to sit and wait out the rest of his term in office before we can put this period behind us and hopefully get the country back on the right track.

8 thoughts on “Bush goes all delusional again at Republican Governors Association Gala.

  1. Your problem, SEB, is that you are part of the reality based community.

    As to the telecoms what he says is complete bullshit. This spying began before 9/11. You get a warrant and they will comply. You can even start w/o a warrant and get one within 72 hours from the FISA court.

    Of course they didn’t want to do that. Why? You have to assume they were spying on Americans and perhaps the political opposition.

    The people who still support this criminal administration are simply authoritarians.

    BTW, in your RSS feed the time stamp is off by five hours. This post in RSS shows a timestamp of 2:21.

  2. I’m with you,SEB, on this issue.  My concern lies in the fact that all this election bullshit is going to screw this country out of the right to elect a decent leadership.  How many times are we as citizens going to lose our freedom to elect our leaders to the unorthodox means of declaring who the leadership really belongs to. 

    The words ‘Of the people, for the people, and by the people’ have be crudely ground into the dust of fear, threats, and warnings of how much we will suffer if don’t move first. 

    It is time to stop worrying about other nations and stop the erosion of our own country while there is still enough to save.

  3. I try not to read every speech Bush makes cause it just pisses me off and fires me up. Fuck Bush and apparently our freedoms too.

  4. Bush goes all delusional again at Republican Governors Association Gala.

    optimistic to state with any certainty that the White House will see a Republican residing in it come 2009

    What else do you expect his speech writers to say?
    “WE’RE FUCKED! God we’ve ballsed this one right up”

  5. “The American people want less government. Thats why I will ensure that you see less and less of what we’re doing.”

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