Bankrupt: Our favorite junk dealers over at The Sharper Image

Read about it here: The Consumerist: Sharper Image Suspends Acceptance of Gift Cards Due to Bankruptcy

From the story:

Despite issuing a press release claiming that they “will continue to conduct business as usual”, The Shaper Image has suspended redemption of all gift certificates after filing for bankruptcy late on Tuesday.

After receiving several complaints that gift certificates were not being honored by the store the Consumerist was able to confirm via email with the Sharper Image’s corporate sales staff that the retailer is no longer selling or accepting the cards.

It seems The Sharper Image has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of idiots, with their overpriced crap like a $4000 vibrating massage chair and their worthless Ionic Breeze. Anyhow, the nitty gritty of the story over on The Consumerist, is that after sending out a press release stating everything would be business as usual while they went under reorganization, they suspended all use of gift certificates for their stores, including manufacturers certificates – leaving many customers stuck with worthless $500 gift cards and the like.

Perhaps this will be a wakeup call to people to stop buying their overpriced, useless crap.

4 thoughts on “Bankrupt: Our favorite junk dealers over at The Sharper Image

  1. What?!! No more Leatherman blast multitool + watch?  No more satellite-controlled atomic MP3-playing navigational vibrating coffeemaker with genuine polymer case? 

    I think that cool gadgets are now so widely available that there’s no need to futz with a stupid catalogue or special store.

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