“APB” just might pull me away from “World of Warcraft.”

WoW has spoiled me when it comes to massively multiplayer online games and it would take something very different to pull me away. That title may not be too far off in the distance if APB lives up to its promise. What is it? Imagine taking Grand Theft Auto and making it an MMORPG, but without the grind of traditional games and more of a third-person shooter feel. Players can be either crooks or enforcers (police) and will face off against each other in various missions. Here’s a video clip of the game in action from the Game Developer’s Conference:

Apparently the game has a ridiculously extensive character creation system to help ensure you have a easily distinguishable avatar. In another demonstration clip you can see over at Kotaku.com they go so far as to show you how they made versions of famous video game developers such as Warren Specter and Peter Molyneux. They game is still very early in its development, but it’s looking good already and could be just the ticket to get me to leave WoW, at least for a little while.

4 thoughts on ““APB” just might pull me away from “World of Warcraft.”

  1. I’d also take a peek at AD&D;Online and LOTR Online for even more addictive MMO goodness. I heard they are quite addictive once you get the hang of them and if you are like me, a total AD&D;and Tolkien addict…you can figure out the rest smile

  2. Xav, Conan looks intriguing even though I’ve never been a big Conan fan. I’m not up on how it’s handling death and that’ll be a big factor for me. If there’s an XP loss or debt from dieing then I’ll be less likely to check it out.

    Jynxed, I’ve played a bit of LOTR Online and I thought it was OK, but not enough to yank me out of WoW. It felt almost like WoW dressed up as LOTR. I’ve only watched other folks play AD&D;and I wasn’t impressed enough to try it.

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