Academy Awards viewership hit an all-time low this weekend.

So did you watch the Academy Awards this weekend? I didn’t. Too fucking long even in spite of having Jon Stewart, whom I have a man crush on in a big way, hosting them for the second year in a row. Looks like I wasn’t the only one skipping the Oscars either. Nielsen reports that viewing audience was the lowest it’s ever been since they bothered to start keeping track of it.

But in case you did want to see it and don’t have the luxury of a DVR then here is the Oscars in 60 Seconds:

Now if the actual show was that short I just might tune in to watch it.

3 thoughts on “Academy Awards viewership hit an all-time low this weekend.

  1. LOL, I’m with Moloch!

    You know this makes me wonder why they don’t just podcast the damn thing. No one really cares besides the narcissistic ones and the actors…

    Thanks for the clip Les.

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