200 people stand as though frozen in Grand Central for 5 minutes.

Now this would’ve been wicked cool to see in person:

Frozen Grand Central at Improv Everywhere

On a cold Saturday in New York City, the world’s largest train station came to a sudden halt. Over 200 Improv Everywhere Agents froze in place at the exact same second for five minutes in the Main Concourse of Grand Central Station. Over 500,000 people rush through Grand Central every day, but today, things slowed down just a bit as commuters and tourists alike stopped to notice what was happening around them. Enjoy the video first and then go behind the scenes with our mission report and photos.

I’m amazed no one got arrested for it considering how jumpy police in major cities seem to be these days.

6 thoughts on “200 people stand as though frozen in Grand Central for 5 minutes.

  1. That one was more amusing than some of their other pieces I have seen.  Less screwing with people’s emotions.

    No comments about Cobra Commander getting his hands on the Neural Paralyzer?

  2. One more reason to love New York City…
    The best part was the applause they received when it was over. Truly a city of people who appreciate a good performance!

  3. Liked it. Takes a lot of patience and discipline to stand still for a whole five minutes.

    I wonder how they coordinated it – most of the frozen people seemed to have some sort of pose in the moment when they froze (like the guy with the papers).

  4. That was really friggen cool! Glad to see not all creativity is lost in our society…

    On the other hand this shows obedience and follow the leader as well. So maybe we are still doomed. LOL

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