Yep, it must be Monday…

… when you get to work and realize you’ve managed, yet again, to rip out the crotch in your slacks. Last time this happened was as I was getting into the car to head home. Figures this time it would happen at some point on the way here. Both pairs of slacks this has happened with have been in my wardrobe for quite awhile now so I suppose this is to be expected. The hole is right along the seam and it’s not so big that anything is flapping in the breeze, so to speak, but it’s still embarrassing and there’s the potential of revealing whether I’m a boxers or briefs man whenever I’m sitting down. Going home, changing, and coming back would take the better part of an hour and I’m already here so I’m not inclined to bother.

Guess I’ll just have to be very careful which chairs I sit in today.

11 thoughts on “Yep, it must be Monday…

  1. Hey Les,

    If you just have a popped seam, a little duct tape on the inside will keep them guessing on the boxer/brief/commando front…

  2. I have a stapler somewhere – now where was it snake

    Looking on the bright side – the hole might offer convenience…

  3. Doing my best, Zilch. Though bringing them up to her won’t be necessary. I’ve got means of repair a bit closer to home.

    Still, I appreciate the offer.

  4. I heard from someone that in Australia a thong is a type of flip-flop, he was in a shop and the shopkeeper said “sorry, no thongs in here”.

    He also went into a stationary shop and asked to buy a roll of selotape
    “he wants it on a roll!”

    But I figure Les comes to SEB for a supply of Nutcases, because a thong wouldn’t hold it in

  5. Oh hell no, Patness. In my youth I used to wear bikini briefs, but never a thong. No, I’m a classic tighty-whities guy these days. Though I’ve been considering trying boxes for years.

  6. Oh hell no, Patness.

    Good to know.

    I’ve been considering trying boxes for years.

    If, by that, you mean boxers, I don’t have strong opinions. I found the nice in-between – boxer briefs, with bands on the waist and each leg. They keep things packed nicely, stay close to form, and insulate quite well, depending quite a bit on the material.

    O’course, this is comin’ from a guy that wore long underwear (waist to foot) during the winters as a child.

    Bahamat: Thongs indeed are flip-flops in Canada as well, but they’ve become better known as flip-flops, since saying you wear thongs carries an entirely different connotation.

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