Warning: Offensive language in link.

So I’m scanning SEB’s referrer logs—as I am often wont to do when I’ve read all my RSS feeds and am bored—when I notice that we’re getting a lot of hits from The Boston Globe’s site at Boston.com. Odder still is that the entry thats being hit is one I wrote in 2003 about a man being ticketed for sitting on a milk crate. WTF, am I being referrer spammed by the Boston Globe?  Often when an old link sees a flurry of activity it’s usually for one of two reasons. Either A) someone came across the link on a search engine and clicked it twice or three times for no apparent reason or B) it has a relatively high Google page rank and is being spammed in hopes my referrer log is public (which it isn’t).

In this case it turns out that it’s a legitimate link from a small blog entry by “Miss Conduct”, who is apparently the Boston Globe equivalent to Miss Manners. I figured she must be using SEB as an example of how to come off as an obnoxious ass when blogging on the Internet, but she’s actually talking about the misuse of milk crates and my old entry was a perfect example of the topic so she linked to it with the following: (warning: offensive language in link.)

I’m not sure why, but I found that pretty funny and a little surreal. The last place I’d guess to see SEB being linked is an advice column by an etiquette expert unless, as I suggested earlier, it was because we make a good bad example of etiquette in action. That’s probably one of the lesser offensive word filled entries I’ve written as it only has two variations on the word “ass” in it, but then I have to consider my site has the word “bastard” right in the name and I realize that I could easily offend some of the sensitivie readers hoping for good etiquette advice. At least now I can slap “AS SEEN IN THE BOSTON GLOBE!” all over the site.

6 thoughts on “Warning: Offensive language in link.

  1. Well, there is that horrible, good for nothing, four letter F-bomb right under Bastard. Tsk tsk and so on.

  2. Linked to from the Globe, by a columnist that does the miss manners type thing left me laughing.

    As for having both bastard and fuck in your header makes it all the more priceless.  Of course I think Miss Manners had an article about using the word fuck… Remember people it’s all about context, you can’t use the literal meaning.  Saying I just saw two people fucking… not okay.  Saying I just fucking broke my thumb… totally fine.  Now if only we could get the FCC to understand.

    Thank you South Park for The Night of a Thousand Shits.

  3. This is why I like the Battlestar Galactica word “frack”.  It’s quite clear what word is intended, so we can translate.  But it lacks the specific punch of “fuck” for people to whom that word is the emotional equivalent of a punch in the mouth.  (I still have not figured out what their big deal is.)

    In person, I often use the latter, but then I can gauge my audience.  On the web, I usually elect not to because some readers are terribly distracted by the word.  I’ll be talking about creationists, for example, and they’re all; “Oh my stars and garters!  Such language!”  And I’m all; “Hey!  Don’t get off-track!” and they’re all; “Well, you couldn’t have anything valuable to say with such vulgar language!”  So I self-censor a bit to focus on my real point.

    Results are mixed.  In some cases, it probably doesn’t matter what language I use.  In other cases, it may improve communication a little.  In any case, I’ve long since got in the habit of writing under approximately Fox network restrictions.

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