Usurping whatever they can, Christian sets up his own “OUT” campaign.

If you’re an atheist then you’re probably already aware of Prof. Richard Dawkin’s OUT Campaign that encourages atheists that are living in the closet, as the euphemism goes, to come out about their godlessness. I think it’s a fine idea even if I haven’t put one of the Scarlet A symbols on my blog yet (though I will probably buy a t-shirt soon). It seems at least one Christian out there thought it was a good idea too so, in the fine tradition of Christianity over the eons, he’s decided to launch his own Christan OUT campaign:

Although the initial idea originated from Mr. Richard Dawkins’ campaign, the concept that I would like to draw from is much different. In contrast to Mr. Dawkins, I would like to ask the Christian to:

Come OUT for the cause of Christ.
We need to realize that there are those Christians who are shy or not well versed in Scripture, whether new or old, that may be timid or less likely to share their testimony of salvation, the gospel with others, or even their convictions against sin. We should be conscience of this and encourage them to pray, meditate in the Word of God, and observe godly examples, as we all should, that we may become bolder in the faith and understanding of the things of God. In this we must realize that when we do come out as Christians, we should portray the characteristics outlined in Scripture by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our great example.

Reach OUT for the cause of Christ.
We need to realize that we should be reaching out to people with true compassion and sincerity, minus the pious pharisaical cloaks; to both the saved and the lost. We need to reach out in support to our fellow Christians that are new or struggling, to give support and love through their trials, tribulations, and times of growth as a Christian; to be understanding, yet Scriptural, with a kind heart. We need also to reach out to this lost world with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ, remembering to not find it uncommon if by chance the lost person chooses to reject God and the Scriptures, to our dismay. We should not allow their rejection of it to be taken personally, but to be brought to God in prayer for their soul’s need of salvation.

Speak OUT for the cause of Christ.
We need to realize that it is necessary for a Christian to personally speak out against sin. We need to speak out against the sin in our own lives and other professing Christians, and also when we are confronted with sin by family, friends, and co-workers. At the same time we are first to examine the beam in our own eye before pointing out the dust in our neighbor’s eye. The dust in another’s eye does not make us more righteous, nor does looking around the beam in our own eye. In contrast, we also need to speak out concerning the truth, morality, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even when it is uncomfortable, we are to be true to Scripture and obedient to God, therefore calling good “good” and evil “evil”. Remember we are to speak and do that which is right because it is right, out of obedience to God, not for personal prestige, gain, or that we should be puffed up while others are put down, causing our pride to be lifted up causing us to fall into sin.

Keep OUT for the cause of Christ.
We need to realize as Christians, it is important to always be aware of sin. We need to be conscience of the devices of the evil one and the lusts of this world that will quickly lead us astray from that which is right and good in the sight of the holy God. Knowing that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, as the Church we are to be faithful to the words of Christ, our Lord and Savior which shed is blood on Calvary that we may have eternal life. As Christians, we should desire to be more Christ-like, refusing to give into the desires of the flesh to sin. As the children’s song sings, becareful little eyes what you see, becareful little ears what you hear, and becareful little mouth what you say, we need to add becareful little mind what you think, that we may trust in God as He brings Scripture to our remembrance in the time of temptation.

Stand OUT for the cause of Christ.
We need to realize that Christians are watched by both other Christians and the lost world. We do not need to be seen in a negative conitation, giving them reason to blaspheme the Lord God or sin. By this, we need to be aware of what we say and do, making sure to be followers of the very Scriptures we claim to uphold, also noting that it is done in the right spirit for God to receive the glory. We needn’t be so timid or worldly that no one knows that we are a child of God, yet we must refrain from the pitfall of legalism whereby we judge the whole world by our personal moral code brow beating and demanding the lost world or fellow Christians to conform to a system that is above even that which Scripture calls for. We must allow the Scripture to guide us, listening to the Spirit give us knowledge as to when, what, and where to speak and act, shinning as a light in darkness. People should know that we are a Christian, without us having to tell them, by our actions of love toward God, toward the brothern, and toward the lost world.

Don’t you have to be in the closet before you can come out of it? I suppose it’s possible there are some closet Christians out there someplace, but I don’t know of any in America. How is this campaign any different from the usual annoying the shit out of everyone evangelizing that too many Christians already engage in at the drop of a hat? And does anyone else find it wildly funny that they had to spell out the fact that the red C logo stands for Christian? I suppose just using a cross or one of those stupid Jesus fish wasn’t enough, they just had to bastardize someone else’s logo for their own purposes. I suddenly have that old song Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better playing in my head.

Imitation is supposedly the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s still a little silly asking people who aren’t “in the closet”, haven’t been in the closet for years, and probably couldn’t find the closest if their lives depended on it, to come out of the closet. That’s kind of like exhorting straight people to stop hiding their heterosexuality.

11 thoughts on “Usurping whatever they can, Christian sets up his own “OUT” campaign.

  1. I have some skeletons in my closet…
    They thought it was fun at the time

    Anyway I bet the xian here thinks himself the best ‘leader’, and also thinks he’s actually going to achieve something

  2. AHHHHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..

    “….becareful little mind…..”

    ‘Nuff said.

  3. It’s a definitional thing.  For a lot of Christians, the boundaries of the “closet” are not where we would imagine them.  To us, the “closet” means you don’t let anyone but your very closest friends know you are x, y, or z.  It requires constant vigilance to keep the secret, and it is indeed a secret because it could break relationships, cost the loss of a job, etc.

    For evangelical Christians, the “closet” means you have a bumper sticker on your car, carry a bible everywhere, have Jesus memorabilia all over your office, and go to church 3 times a week, but when someone tells an off-color joke, you laugh nervously and refrain from preaching to them.

    To paraphrase a commenter on Ed Brayton’s blog, 3 Christians meet in heaven and start talking about persecution.  “I was hacked to death with machetes in Somalia”, says one.  “I was beaten on the soles of my feet and left naked in a filthy and freezing prison cell,” says the other.  “That’s nothing,” says the American Christian, “I was told I had to move my website to a private server!”

    In his latest post, the guy laments all the attention he’s gotten from non-Christians, and says he doesn’t have to call Dr. Dawkins “Doctor” because “Mr” is just as good.  I left a comment:

    When you’ve written 9 scholarly books, held a chair at a world-renowned university, written scores of peer-reviewed scientific papers, and made 6 documentaries, you can call him “Mister” Dawkins.

    But it’s stuck in moderation.

  4. I only wish since they intended to be opposite this they use a different color like blue.

  5. Rock on DoF.  What a despicable—but not unsurprising—example of the anti-intellectualism of the Christian Right.  But what do you expect of people who can enroll at Liberty or Regent University and, as Bill Maher put it, “…go to school for four years and only read one book—what kid wouldn’t want that?”

    Grrrrr—what a bunch of @$$#@+$! 

    Sorry for the ranting, but this one hits a little too close to home, with me juggling full-time-work and part-time school.  I’d like to see those wanktards come home from work—having already made up hours for a jaunt to class in the middle of the day—and spend four hours a night on homework for one friggin’ class.  I can’t imagine many of them having the discipline, much less the brains.

  6. That girl’s pretty darn sure about her faith.  She certainly doesn’t need to be in a closet.  LOL – she’s probably scared by the bald guy with the goatee.  We all know how scary THOSE can be!  And I love the part about how she implies “kids” don’t have much experience to have opinions about god.  No irony there.

    Here’s a girl about her age who is a good example of why there IS a closet:

  7. Excellent!  I love her response to “Why are you an atheist?”…“Because I was born one”.  Her father’s response to the question was excellent as well.

    Of course, the dumbshits they interviewed…“I don’t know what atheists believe…I mean…I know they don’t have a god I worship.” AAAAARRRRRGGHHGGHHGGH! Even when I was a fundamentalist, I knew what Atheism meant!  How stupid can a person be!?!?

  8. ” in the fine tradition of Christianity over the eons….”

    While they are being traditionally unoriginal, it will only be true to the Christian way when they start claiming that idea was theirs to start with.

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