Uncle Sam is a Pimp, yo!

Sinfest is a great daily webcomic, and today’s was awesome in my humble opinion:

Sinfest Main Page

9 thoughts on “Uncle Sam is a Pimp, yo!

  1. I used to read Sinfest all the time. Lost track of it awhile back. Thanks for the reminder that I should be checking in.

    Wonder if he has an RSS feed… only one way to find out.

  2. I’d not seen this one before – love it!

    Now I’ve got to find time to go through 7 years of daily archives…

  3. I read Sinfest, not my favorite comic due to the repetitiveness of the jokes but today’s is good.
    Les I like your new picture.

  4. Thanks. Got it with the coat for Christmas 2004 just before I got laid off the first time. The hat’s a lot more beat up these days, but I still wear it with the coat and it tends to make people get the hell out of my way.

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