Tragedy strikes again! My mouse is dieing!

Almost five years ago on November 14 I had a very dark day as my beloved Logitech optical mouse, a mouse that had carried me through countless hours of Nazi and Zombie and sometimes Nazi Zombie shooting, suddenly gave up the ghost and died. Not that I can blame it as my index figure had literally worn a spot into the left mouse button from all the clicking it had suffered through (there’s a picture in the original thread). I ended up replacing it with a newer Logitech that I wasn’t entirely happy with. A little later on my buddy Hairboy bought me a Logitech MX510 gaming mouse for my birthday that I had on my wish list and I was in gaming heaven. It’s lasted me at least four of the last five years since that original dark day of mouse doom.

Tonight I was happily blasting away at Terra’rists in Call of Duty 4 when suddenly my mouse couldn’t seem to tell if I was single or double clicking the left button. My sniper rifle was shooting off double and triple shots as though my finger had suddenly gone hyper-spastic. Single shot guns rapid fired and machine guns got all confused and didn’t know whether I was holding the button down or not. Needless to say this caused more than a little trouble with actually playing the game. My mouse, it seemed, was in the last spasms before dieing.  I confirmed the problem exists outside the game when I loaded up the control panel settings and cranked the double click speed all the way up to the fastest setting so that clicking the button once shouldn’t ever result in a double click, but it still does on occasion.

I loved this mouse. It’s held up pretty well considering the abuse it’s gone through during particularly bad gaming rounds. I’ve not managed to wear a spot into the left button this time, but that’s partly because it’s a much sturdier sort of plastic. With the double click setting cranked up it’s still usable as a general purpose mouse, but it’s useless for gaming now. I need to go in search of a new one and that’s a bigger problem than it might seem. Gaming has really gone mainstream in the past five years and there’s a whole slew of peripherals aimed at gamers these days. Back when I bought the MX510 the idea of a mouse specifically aimed at gamers was relatively new. Now there’s dozens of them ranging in price from $29 up to over $100. They have variable on-the-fly DPI settings and upwards of nine different buttons on some models which can be programed to execute macros. The mouse I think I want, the Razor Copperhead has a list price of $69.99 and the cheapest I’ve found it so far is $59.99. Ack. Won’t be buying that anytime soon. They have a cheaper version called the Razor Krait that’s only $39.99 with a lower resolution and minus some of the bells and whistles that might do me just fine if I can find a deal on it. Though, given that this pretty much kills my PC gaming until I can get a replacement, I’ll probably just find a cheap standard optical until we get through some of the medical bills.

The thing that’s most interesting to me is that I feel a small, but real, sense of loss over this stupid gaming mouse. You never realize how attached you can become to what is essentially a tool until it stops working properly and you have to go out and find a replacement knowing that they don’t make this model any longer. We had some good times together and now it’ll be regulated to the role of “semi-usable spare” that’ll come in handy when working on friend’s and families PCs. It’s kinda sad really. Well, just a little anyway.

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  1. Have you ever heard of Just a few days ago they had the copperhead for 32.99 plus 5 dollars shipping. Of course this is no help to you now as the products are normaly one day deals only, but! They had that mouse for sale on Jan 2 (it was only 24.99 +5 shipping that day) and on Jan 13. Maybe they might have it again in 10 or so days? Just a thought.

  2. I’ve actually got an MX510, which is still going strong.  However, I don’t play as many games as I used to.

    I remember being saddened when my original Intellimouse Explorer Optical started crapping out, though that was mostly because the then-current Intellimouse Explorer didn’t fit my hand nearly as well as the original.

  3. I, too, have an MX510, inherited from my son when he moved up to a newer mouse (I’ve forgotten which one).  Mine is also still going strong, but I don’t game all that much any more, since practically all Q3 servers only play Excessive nowadays (why?).

    There’s a curious phenomenon on the few servers still offering normal Q3: unlike a couple of years ago, when you encountered players of all levels, from noob to pro and everything in between (me, for instance), nowadays it’s pretty much just pros with a couple of noobs checking by occasionally.  I guess it’s because Q3 is so old now (almost seven years!) that no one is learning it any more- you just have the diehards from the beginning who are by now pretty damned good.

    The scary thing: based on my spot checks, some of these guys seem to be online at least eight hours a day, every day of the week.  Don’t they have work, families, lives?  I’m sure this goes for much more popular games, like WoW, in spades.

  4. my Microsoft first optical mouse has been with me since optical mouses were available for the first time in the market and its still serving till today , although the prototype scroll wheel makes enough noise to wake every one in the neighborhood.

  5. Sorry to hear about your mouse going on the fritz.  I just recently went mouse hunting because I can’t stand the Mighty Mouse that came with my Mac Pro, and I gave my old Logitech mouse to a family member who needed one.  My Microsoft optical mouse is okay, but I wanted something that actually felt responsive on different surfaces, had a firm click wheel that didn’t accidently scroll when you clicked on it (my main complaint with Apple’s Mighty Mouse), and was comfortable enough to use for long periods of time at work and during long World of Warcraft sessions.  I went with the Logitech MX 400 corded mouse, and I’m very happy with it.  It is contoured to be used by right-handed people, but a left-handed version might be out there (I don’t know if you are a southpaw or not).

    I would recommend going to Fry’s / Best Buy / Circuit City and just feeling how the mice on display fit into your hand.  I eliminated 90% of the mice I was looking at doing this.  Many just felt odd or had ‘sloppy’ click wheels or only 3 buttons (I like the 4th and 5th thumb buttons for auto run in WoW and push-to-talk in Ventrilo, respectively).  I would hesitate to get a 3rd party mouse for two reasons.  First is that it is against WoW’s ToS to automate macros beyond what they already allow, and they have software to detect if you are using keyboards like the Logitech G15 to set up macros.  Second is that you don’t know the quality of the mouse without having tested it, so it might not be much to write home about beyond the cool looking casing.

  6. My sniper rifle was shooting off double and triple shots as though my finger had suddenly gone hyper-spastic. Single shot guns rapid fired and machine guns got all confused and didn’t know whether I was holding the button down or not.

    That’s not a broken mouse- the game has just realised you’re American…

  7. I just replaced my entire PC and my new mouse is a Logitech G7 cordless laser gaming mouse.Its bloody amazing but it cost me $155 AU.
    Best thing about it is the handy buttons on it for adjusting sensitivity.Absolutely nessesary for wide screens.

  8. I’m sorry to hear that, Josh, but it does help to put things in perspective. Are you getting any treatment for your cancer?

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