Tell me your favorite blogs by Atheists.

I was reading this entry by vjack over at his Atheist Revolution blog about reciprocity in the atheist blogosphere and I was pondering what I might do to help other atheist bloggers get a little recognition. First you’ll notice that I’ve recently added the Atheist Blogroll to the sidebar which is a bit of cool synchronicity as I did that prior to vjack’s post. It’s very lengthy, though, so I may switch to a smaller scrolling version that they have available. Secondly I’ll be modifying my own blogroll that I’ve been maintaining to try and make a bit more sense out of it. Right now it’s just an alphabetical list and I’d like to try and categorize it a bit.

Then it hit me that I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting blogs to read, particularly those written from an atheist perspective (though not necessarily devoted solely to atheism). So I thought I’d start an entry asking you guys to list off your favorite atheist authored blogs in the comments. In particular I’m interested in hearing about sites you think are deserving of a boost in traffic and I encourage you guys to check out each other’s links. I’ll also be updating my own blogroll to include some that I’ve been reading in Google Reader regularly, but haven’t gotten around to listing in the side bar yet. Of course I’d recommend any of the blogs that are in my sidebar already.

It’s possible that the anti-comment spam we’re using might moderate some comments with lots of links in them so if you see that your post doesn’t show up immediately that may be why. If you’re a registered SEB member it shouldn’t be a problem.

So let me know what your must-reads are. Let’s get a little link lovin’ going on.

19 thoughts on “Tell me your favorite blogs by Atheists.

  1. Paul: Cafe Philos Some of the most insightful, interesting, and intellectually stimulating writings I have seen on the net!

    Daylight Atheism: Again, wonderful writings.

    Other sites I read, include this one, DOF, ***Dave, Smug Baldy, Elwed, and some Tech, TreeHugger, and news stuff.

  2. So this is it? Webs is the only person with a few sites to share? Com’on folks! I know you guys have got to be reading more atheist blogs than little old SEB here!

  3. Hey Les

    It’s not exactly a small blog, but one of my favorite (in addition to SEB, of course smile would be The Friendly Atheist.  I also read Incredible Hallq every now and then, along with Pharyngula and Daylight Atheism.

  4. KPG, the blog doesn’t have to be about atheism. I was just asking for blogs written by atheists or from an atheist viewpoint.

    HeathenTV, I have Friendly Atheist in my personal blogroll in the sidebar. He’s a favorite of mine as well.

  5. Well Les you’re going to get responses from people who like SEB because you asked… people who are reading SEB.  But there’s more.

    Looking at my blogroll… Have to say SEB consistently one of my top favorite blogs generally, that often visits atheist themes (or light bulbs – that’s what makes it so interesting). Also Unscrewing The Inscrutable, and Greg Laden, and Mike the Mad Biologist, and Evolving Thoughts.  And I definitely second what Webs said about Cafe Philos.

    I have very mixed feelings about Pharyngula – PZ nails so many religious people who richly deserve it, but has so little understanding of the desire to believe that he ends up reinforcing atheist stereotypes.  I struggle personally with the need to communicate with religious people, against the same kind of frustration at denial of reality in perilous times. 

    And there are lots of others that don’t post as often but which i do visit.  AND some blogs by Christians that happen to be very good and a couple political blogs far away from my own beliefs which i visit in an attempt to understand.

  6. Thanks for the mention. I think this is an excellent idea. Helping readers discover new atheist blogs is a great way to promote Internet atheism. I think I’m going to try something similar by doing brief posts featuring some of my favorites.

  7. Pharyngula.  Love it.  I’ve spent enough goddamn time trying to communicate with religious people politely, and P.Z. provides a fresh and bracing perspective.  Though I can see how it wouldn’t be as useful or entertaining for many.

    Bad Astronomy.  Phil Plait is a great writer, and he posts on several subjects.  Astronomy, pseudo-science debunkings, religious skepticism, politics, sci-fi: it all follows a loose theme, but there are many facets. 

    Unscrewing the Inscrutable.  Most of the topics relate to being godless in America, but there are many angles on that subject, so it doesn’t get old.  Brent’s writing is hilarious and accessible;Jim Downey writes on some very interesting topics and never fails to make me think.  I miss the regular posts Hank Fox did-I understand he’s busy, but his writing was both funny and poignant.  Rick Ulrey doesn’t post as much either lately, and I always like his posts, too.  Come to think of it, there have been several awesome writers at UTI, and there still are.  The fellow who posts as “Dirk Diggler” is just about as fed up with slimy politicians as I am, and expresses it well.

    God is for Suckers. 
    All irreverence, all the time.  If you think that Pharyngula gets too mad at religious nuttery, check out the venom that this bunch brews.  The community seems to have gotten smaller over the last year or so, but you still get some great perspectives.

    Decrepit Old Fool.  Good writing, interesting topics, and it’s a great cool-down after getting my bile flowing at Pharyngula and God is for Suckers.

    Respectful Insolence.  Fun Stuff from the world of evidence-based medicine. 

    Not really a blog, but the James Randi Educational Foundation Swift Newsletter should   be required reading.  Keeps me sane.  Could even help spread sanity to those who enjoy it.

    Also, Austin Cline’s page on Agnosticism/Atheism.  Good reading every day.

    And of course, Stupid Evil Bastard.  I have been reading all these blogs for over two years now, and SEB was one of the first.

  8. Thanks Neil!

    Respectful Insolence is great, since you mention it, I also read PZ’s arch-nemesis Ed Brayton even though I’m no libertarian.  In fact I have the whole ScienceBlogs site on RSS; it’s one of my addictions.  SEED has really put something nifty together with that bunch.

  9. No problem, DOF.  You seem to go for a general overview of science and politics without too much commentary, and sometimes that is just what a person needs.  A chance to read about something interesting without too many opinions getting in the way.  Your science friday post on 12/21/07 about exciting energy news was indeed exciting.  10x lifespan on batteries and wind power without constant maintenance of moving parts-great stuff!
    I’ve only read a little Brayton, but I know there is a wealth of information(and lively opinion) on scienceblogs. 

    Also, I forgot Majikthise at feministe, Rebecca Watson’s Memoirs of a Skepchick, and Cocktail Party Physics.  You can’t forget the sweet ladies of the blogosphere; in fact I have many more to sample.  Oh yeah, Greta Christina, too!

  10. Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion. It just occurred to me that I have your blog in my RSS reader, but not my sidebar. Will have to fix that.

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