Still kicking around the idea of an SEB Podcast.

I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that I’ve been pondering the possibility of doing a podcast, but I haven’t a clue as to what’s actually involved. So lately I’ve been listening to a few podcasts here and there including some from Brendoman’s blog as well as sites such as WoW Insider to get an idea of what goes into them. Production values range from “three guys shooting the shit” to “lower-end talk-radio” and there doesn’t appear to be any hard and fast rules on how to go about doing it. The better ones, I’ve noticed, involve more than just one person shooting his mouth off. Usually there’s at least one other person and some of the better ones seem to involve three or more. Usually there’s a handful of topics they plan to discuss, but sometimes it’s like listening in on a phone call.

Which makes me a little more informed, but doesn’t really help me any. First I’d have to find some folks who’d be willing to shoot the shit with me in a podcast, probably using some form of VOIP over the Net. Then I’d have to figure out what the hell to talk about and considering how hard I have to think just to come up with some of my blog entries and how much thought I sometimes have to put into them before they make coherent sense, well, I’m not sure I can do that sort of thing on the fly. Of course there’s always the possibility that a podcast where I sound like a babbling idiot could become wildly popular just for the humor value.

So, some three years after I first posed the possibility in passing in a blog entry, I’m still kicking the idea around along with the possibility of maybe trying to do a video blog entry using the cheapy webcam I’ve got, but adding video to the mix doesn’t really eliminate the previously stated issues of not being boring. You guys got any good podcasts you listen to that might offer some inspiration? Let me know what they are.

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  1. Y’know, I’d love to shoot the shit with you over the Net, Les, guest star or whatever you want.  grin

    That said, I confess that I’ve never gotten into listening to podcasts.  I’m not someone to just *listen* to stuff, except when driving the car, and that time slot is already double-booked with NPR and audiobooks.

    But listening to an SEB Podcast might actually be worth it.

  2. What ever you do, pay attention to the sound quality. I’ve tried to listen to too many podcast with noisy sounds, making it impossible to hear what people are saying, even with excessive volume levels. I’d suggest recording each speaker separately and mixing it together afterwards, with liberal use of filtering to get the speech as clear as possible.

  3. Maybe you could find some interview subjects, and use the podcast format for those?

    Shoot the shit, but with some a pre-defined set of questions on your part as a basis, and a specfic theme.

    If you came up with the right set of questions, maybe you could even interview a few people with different viewpoints with the same questions, and compare the answers in the blog itself.

    And you could then respond to specific points during the interview itself, after the formal questions were asked, making it more interactive.

    Just a thought.

  4. If you do go with the podcasting idea I think it should just be audio and not video.  I listen to almost all of the podcasts I subscribe to on my MP3 player while at work.  If it was video it would limit a lot of people to only being able to watch/listen while on a PC.

    It’s really just more of a casual observation, but a lot of the video podcasts I’ve watched it seems like unless the people are used to being in front of a camera it tends to feel a lot more awkward then just straight audio podcasts.  Also, it makes it more difficult to have a lot of people in the discussion unless they are all locals.  With an audio podcast you can at least have a bunch of people on ventrillo or some other VoIP app so all the pressure isn’t just on one person to keep the conversation going.

    Anyways I’d definitely subscribe to any podcast that comes out of S.E.B.

  5. I would take a look at the format.  They do all video but their discussions could just as easily be audio podcasts.  They speak for a hour but each discussion is divided into segments which can be anywhere from 5 minutes to longer.  They stay pretty focussed too, so there is little rambling. 

    Starting out you could even do shorter podcasts.  Think of a rant that you can do in 60 seconds or something like that.  Your first posts would likely suck (vote of confidence) but you will get better as you go on. 

    You will probably need to find a hosted place to run your podcasts from so that you don’t get your butt kicked on bandwidth.  There are lots of places that will host your podcast for free but if you want to run them from your own storage you could take a look at which gives you 10 Gigs for $20 per year and unlimited bandwidth.

  6. Hey les and the rest of the SEB crowd…been lurking around here for ages, so I figured it was time i registered and started participating…

    I would love a SEB podcast!
    I think a successful podcast must be:
    1. Published on a regular basis – weekly/biweekly/monthly…doesn’t matter to me, but I can’t stand a sporadic podcast
    2. Recorded with good sound quality. I don’t know how much of that is the microphone vs. post-production, but if it’s not clear quality, it’s painful to (try to) listen to.
    3. Longer than 5-10 minutes per episode. If it’s less than 10 minutes, it just doesn’t seem worth my time to manage the subscription. Really…I know it sounds pathetic, but if I subscribe to a podcast and it turns out to be a 2-minute thought of the day, it just doesn’t seem worth my time to even click on it in my playlist.
    4. Organized. True, the best podcasts sound like a group phone call amongst friends. But that doesn’t happen without an outline of topics, guests who can speak to the subjects, and someone to keep the pace moving along. Believe me, I subscribed to a podcast once that was literally a group phone call amongst friends and after two episodes I stopped listening.

    My favorite podcasts are from Anything produced by Leo Laporte is high quality and moves at a perfect pace.
    -This Week In Tech
    -MacBreak Weekly

    Anyone used the Podcasting feature in Garageband before? I have never used mine, but I hear the latest version makes it ridiculously easy…

  7. Two podcasts I listen to regularly have pretty much gotten the formula down well as far as group participation, and for the most part they have their sound issues worked out:

    The Skeptics Guide to the Universe – Good skeptical Enquirer style podcast.

    Fear the Boot – A tabletop RPG ‘cast that may or may not be to everyone’s liking, but I like it.

    Both generally carry a topic, and there is a bit of banter on various related and not so related subjects that keeps things moving along nicely.  The most important part to me is that they are both around 1 hour long.  I’m with Gakker on that, if it’s under 30 minutes, I generally don’t bother with it.

  8. Podcast?  As in a true blue SEB show?  It’s the first one I’d ever watch.  That’s for darn shure.
    Please, PLEASE have a segment at the very beginning or the very end called, “WTF is wrong with you people?”—where you answer questions or reply to comments posted here.
    Sort of a … Ask The SEB segment.  And then blast ‘em with both barrels.

  9. guys i know this is totally not related to the subject of the post but it is the best joke ever since flat earth and witch hunt in the dark ages.

    I haven’t laughed like this in a long long time , please take a minuet to listen to the up coming Einstein, he even made the peanut butter theory so tiny and unimportant.
    m.wael alkel

  10. Hey Les !

    You’re welcome to hang out at a Detroit Podcaster Meetup sometime!  We’ll be having one at the last Tuesday of Feb at Bailey’s Pub in Dearborn!  Come on out, we’ll talk about podcasting and how to get it started for SEB!!  Check out the web site:

    Keep in touch!

  11. LZ, I think I may just take you up on that offer. When I worked at Ford I was just down the street from Bailey’s.

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