Political Junkies Unite!

Most of us get very tired of the constant campaigning, ads, and news stories in a presidential year while junkies like me can’t seem to stay away.

For those of you scoring from home, the Votemaster at http://www.electoral-vote.com/ is beginning to track the primary delegates state by state in preparation for tracking the electoral college polling.  My other favorite political news spot is http://www.politicalwire.com/.

If you just care to see that President Bush finally leaves office, here are a couple of clocks to help you plan your party:
(I presume the clocks differ because of time zones, I’ll let you all decide)

May the best American win (at least out of those willing to spend millions of dollars, subject themselves to constant media scrutiny and death threats, and clean up the mess from the last 7 years)!

2 thoughts on “Political Junkies Unite!

  1. McCain, Obama, and Clinton are all solid in my mind (despite McCain’s more recent pandering to lunatics – the question is whether he’ll get on his knees and service them like other candidates in the past).

    This is an election that is likely to make me smile all round, all year. At least until my birthday and we get the results back.

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