Oh, by the way, Season 2 of “Torchwood” started a week ago.

Season 2 of the Doctor Who spin-off series known as Torchwood got underway in England a week ago last Wednesday with episode two airing last night. I’ve downloaded and watched both shows already and had been meaning to mention it, but kept getting distracted by Call of Duty 4 (which is the same reason I missed the third episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Monday).

The good news for those of you who don’t want to be bothered with BitTorrenting the files is that the first season did well enough on BBC America that they’ve arranged to have season 2 air a mere two weeks after it does in the U.K.. That means the first episode of the new season will hit the airwaves Stateside at 9PM Saturday, January 26th. You can check the full schedule for repeats at the BBC America Torchwood homepage. If, for example, you miss it this Saturday one of the additional times you can possibly catch it will be right before episode two airs the following Saturday. There’s enough repeat airings to ensure that you should be able to time shift it without it conflicting with another show, assuming you have a DVR to time shift it with. I don’t, but then I’ve already admitted that I’m grabbing the files as soon as they hit the net.

So far the new series is fairly intriguing and I think the quality of the stories is improving over the first season, but we’re only two shows in so it’s a bit early to judge. If you’ve seen it, particularly you U.K. folks who drop by, what did you think of it?

Oh, did I mention that Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s James Marsters shows up as a fellow Time Agent that has a past history with Capt’n Jack in the first episode? Yeah, that was pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “Oh, by the way, Season 2 of “Torchwood” started a week ago.

  1. I dug the first episode (with Cap. John) a lot, due in part with Masters performance, and the interplay with him and Barrowman.  I thought the second episode was kind of a “miss” in terms of quality, and plot.  But it did have some good points, and is still better then most American television on now.

  2. I missed the first episode (I work evenings, that’s my excuse), but I saw the second episode.

    Everyone kept their legs closed, some gay innuendo was made, and the world was saved. All in all a good watch.

    Now I’m off to get episode 1 so I can see how it started.

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