Occam’s Razor: Illustrated.

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and thought it was both amusing and illuminating, but forgot to post it at the time. So here it is:

Click to embiggen!

9 thoughts on “Occam’s Razor: Illustrated.

  1. Very Good!, but it is incomplete.  There are schisms in other religions…Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc all have various branches too, so a truer picture would have a lot more forks in the top diagram!

    Still, I like it for it’s picture-worth-a-thousand-words effect.

  2. And of course, all their truebelievers™ all believe every word of the same book – and yet are different

  3. Our part of the graph, while certainly the simplest, is kind of boring, eerrr straight.  Perhaps we need a schism.  You know, the utheists against the otheists.  We could have arguments, call each other names, have our own colors and slogans, and maybe go to war.  At least our graph would not be so, uh, straight.

  4. We have a schism of our very own already, between atheists, who don’t believe there’s a god, and “New Atheists™”, who don’t believe there’s a god, and you have to be a complete dick about it.  cool smirk

    Kidding!  Just kidding!

  5. Even better is the fact that atheist have been around a lot longer than Christians. Socrates was an atheist. Heck the Romans thought early Christians were atheists.

  6. You forgot the Occam’s Razor picure that shows shelves of biology books, paleontology books, scientific journals and naturalist philosophy books compared to the scrap of paper that says, “God did it.” tongue wink

  7. QueenMillefiori, what leads you to believe Socrates is an atheist?  He makes several references to the gods and a god and describes several things that happen as having a divine origin.  IEP disagrees with you.

  8. Sorry I mean to say that he was accused of being an atheist (because he did not believe in the Athenian state mandated gods and was interested in exploring physical explanations for nature).

    http://socrates.clarke.edu/aplg0104.htm, though I’ve never been convinced of the 100% accuracy of the Apology.

    Sorry for the confusion, I should have previewed before I posted.

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