Nurses Launch National “CheneyCare” Campaign.

Boy, ain’t this the truth…

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It’s an ad from the California Nurses Association (CNA)/National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) calling for what they’ve whimsically named the “ChenyCare” Campaign:

“All Americans have the right to the quality of care that our Vice-President, President and Congress already have,” said Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director of CNA/NNOC and a vice-president of the AFL-CIO.  “All the leading Democratic proposals fall well short of “CheneyCare”, keeping insurance companies at the apex of power and allowing them to deny care that can save lives.  The Republican proposals are even worse.”

The ad uses recent headlines about Vice-President Dick Cheney’s latest heart procedure to point out the difference between the government-funded health care that the nation’s leading politicians enjoy and the precarious health care situation in which most Americans find themselves.

A news article about Cheney’s recent treatment for heartbeat irregularities provides the context with the headline: “If he were anyone else, he’d probably be dead by now.” The text highlights that factors such as the patient’s history and prognosis would likely lead to a denial of private insurance claims for most Americans, assuming that they had coverage in the first place.

The ad asks readers to go to and sign a petition in support of CheneyCare for all Americans.  The blog ads cut to the chase, with the tagline: “CheneyCare for all.”

The usefulness of online petitions is arguable, but that didn’t stop me from signing this one. If it’s good enough for “Dick” Cheney then it should be good enough for all of us.

7 thoughts on “Nurses Launch National “CheneyCare” Campaign.

  1. I say that Cheney deserves the very best in healthcare.  After all, if he dies, Bush becomes President…

  2. After all, if he dies, Bush becomes President…


    When trying to explain the shortcomings of the US system to UK advocats, they always seem to have this blind spot, an assumption that everyone can get healthcare that will cover everything.  I currently pay approx £330 pm tax (about $600 at current rates) If they didn’t tax me, how much Insurance could I buy?

  3. I would be willing to pay a 7% increase in federal taxes if that is what it would take to have a fully funded US Health Care system. Most people don’t realize though that we spend 20 billion a year on Cold War military spending. Hmmm, last time I checked the Cold War ended. Why not use that money on something else…

  4. LH, it would depend on how you were getting that insurance. My current contract house offers insurance to us employees, but because it’s in a different state than I am the rates I’d have to pay are ridiculous. The family plan—to cover Anne, Courtney and myself—would eat around $1300 a month, which is just over half my current pay.

    If you were trying to purchase it on your own then it would depend on which insurance company you’re dealing with. If you were to go with a company such as four different HMO plans to choose from each with it’s own requirements and monthly rates. And that’s for just one supposedly non-profit company.

  5. but because it’s in a different state than I am

    This is something that I always have to shift my thinking with- the fact that the US is sometimes 51 seperate countries.  Is there still the prohibition on a national bank?

    Anti tax people moan that about 40% average pay goes to the government- Income tax takes 20% of everything between £5k and £30K, and 40% over that, National insurance 8% of £5-30K (nothing over), then 17.5% VAT (purchase tax to you), plus high fuel duties (petrol is currently £1.02/ltr- about $9 a gallon to you at the moment).

    if the 40% is right fo me, I will pay about £7200 a year- about the $1200 mark a month. My wife earns more than me, but we could only just afford family insurance if they cut tax by half.  I wouldn’t get the comprehensive cover I get now- the CheneyCare- my wife would have worse problems- the pregnancy of our youngest left her with an under-active thyroid, a knock on effect was type 2 diabetes- she was overweight, the pregnancy made it worse, plus causing the thyroid (or at least making it a LOT worse) meaning that she didnt lose the weight at the end, and has trouble shifting it.  That makes her health insurance a whole lot more.  She’s on a shed load of pills, which we couldn’t afford if not for the NHS. Our tax would have to drop by at least a half, yet only 20% of it gets spent on the NHS.

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