NAS enclosure deal of the day.

UPDATE: Keerax mentioned in the comments of this thread that this enclosure only supports FAT32 over IP whereas you’re going to want it to support at least NTFS. Also checking around the web reveals that the drive is very slow so this isn’t such a great deal after all. Too bad as it’s a great price.

I don’t normally do entries about deals on gadgets, but this one is so good I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t pass it along. The folks at are offering the Coolmax – CN-350 – Network Attached Storage NAS Enclosure for $35 and some change after a $25 rebate:

Coolmax presents the new Model CN-350 Networking Hard Drive Enclosure, the most economical, cost-saving NAS product in the industry. With the new NAS enclosure you can easily share files among Windows, Mac and Linux clients via a network. And its simple, web-based user interface is easy to configure. Complied with TCP/IP, SMB, FTP and SNTP protocol, the NAS Networking Hard Drive Enclosure requires no driver or server. And its great as an additional USB 2.0 enclosure. Password protection deliver folder-level security. Thermal fan controller provides extra protection for your hard drive. LED indicator identifies product status.

For those of you who are less tech savvy I’ll explain what this is. Basically it’s a box you can stick a hard drive into (and you’ll need to provide your own hard drive) and then hook directly into your home network so that anything you store on it is available to anyone else on your home network. That’s opposed to, say, a USB based external hard drive (which this can also act as) that you’d hook to a PC and then that PC would need to be turned on for your other machines to access it. The site doesn’t say whether this takes PATA or SATA hard drives, but I’d guess it’s probably PATA.

Anyway, it’s a pretty good deal and if you sign up for Google Checkout you can knock another $10 off the price. Just thought some of you might like to know about it.

3 thoughts on “NAS enclosure deal of the day.

  1. It uses Fat32 filesystem.  I don’t know much about it but isn’t it slower than NTSF or something?  Looking for comments.

  2. Good catch! I didn’t see that it was limited to FAT32 over IP. It only supports NTFS when hooked up via USB.

    Well, that explains why this is such a good price then. Looking up some other reviews around the web it appears that it’s pretty slow for what it’s supposed to do.

    OK, scratch this one off your list. Not as good a deal as it first appeared.

  3. Doesn’t FAT32 have an issue with files over 4Gb in size, not that that is a common issue as I can’t remember the last time I delt with a single file larger than 1GB.  On the other end though doesn’t FAT32 also do something weird with it’s sector sizes.  Like they grow larger the larger in comparison to the size of the disk.  So a 5kb file on a large hard drive would balloon up to nearly 200k in size because the smallest supported block is in relation to the actual size of the drive.  NTSF or macs HSF+ both took care of that issue.  Then again with hard drives storage getting cheaper and cheaper it’s probably a moot point.

    Ah, just scanned through the wikipedia article on FAT drives.  I think I got the generalities right, but it does a much better job of explaining why. 

    BTW, apparently the biggest issue with FAT drives is also how it doesn’t manage the files very well so disc defragmentation is a bigger issue.  Still, that sounds crazy cheap for a NAS housing.

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