Montel Williams finally calls it quits.

After 17 years of lowering the I.Q. of viewers on a daily basis and ass-kissing psychic fraud Sylvia Browne the Montel Williams show is shutting down, but not before trying to lower I.Q.s a few more points:

CBS Television Distribution, the syndicated show’s producer and distributor, is offering the compilation series “Best of Montel” for fall, which includes 52 weeks of highlight episodes from the show.

“We have been honored to have Montel as a part of our family for the past 17 years, and we’re very excited that Montel will live on through these ‘best of’ episodes,” said John Nogawski, president and COO of CBS TV Distribution.

Best of Montel Williams? That’s sort of like offering a Best of the Bubonic Plague. There’s really not a whole lot to like about either experience.

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