If your friends lept off a bridge would you do the same? Well, yes, apparently.

There are fads that I understand and there are fads that I don’t understand. The following fad falls into the latter category:

Suicide craze linked to social networking site Bebo | NEWS.com.au

THE deaths of seven young people from the same town in South Wales could be linked to a suicide craze sweeping a social networking internet site, British police believe.

Natasha Randall, 17, is believed to have become the latest victim after she was found hanged in her bedroom in her family’s Bridgend home last Thursday.

Police fear her death could be linked to six other copycat suicides in the same town, all of which appear to have been prompted by messages on networking websites.

Detectives believed many of the victims had their own web pages on the social networking site Bebo and could have been driven to kill themselves as a way of gaining prestige among their friends.

After their deaths, friends set up “memorial” websites for each of them so people could leave messages, photographs and video tributes.

“They may think it’s cool to have a memorial website,” one officer told The Times newspaper.

“It may even be a way of achieving prestige among their peer group.”

The article goes on to mention that within a day of Natasha’s suicide two of her friends tried to off themselves as well, but didn’t quite make it to fully dead status. Now they’ll never get their own memorial pages on Bebo. On the one hand it’s tragic that there are kids out there so starved for approval from their friends that that they’re literally killing themselves to get it at which point said approval is pretty much a moot point. On the other hand my first thought was along the lines of “well at least they’re only killing themselves and not trying to take out as many other people around them that they can.”

8 thoughts on “If your friends lept off a bridge would you do the same? Well, yes, apparently.

  1. One appears to be on life support.  I supposed in lieu of a memorial page, they could set up a death-watch web-cam.

  2. How about they just fake their deaths, set up memorial sites, and see how many hits they get? Wouldn’t that serve the same purpose AND they could actually witness the results?? Duh…

  3. When we were teens we just sat around in darkened rooms and listened to music.  Now the internet means that all that angst is a the mercy of other kids not yet out of hormones and inexperience.

    This isn’t a new thing- there are ‘suicide sites’ chat rooms where peopel basically support each other into suicide.  Worries are that sock puppets are egging them on for a laugh- as it’s on the net people type alsorts of stuff you wouldn’t say outside a chat room.  There have been calls to ban these sites.  Attempts to prosecute under the laws about abbetting suicide have fallen foul of the newness of the technology- there is no face to face meeting.

  4. I dont think many serious suicides would be done for attention or fad, it’d also be worse to make it more taboo because then nobody actualy helps them find a reason to live

    The real culprit isnt the suicide blogs, but a lack of understanding in society, and overpressuring youngsters

  5. Is it possible that some of them dont quite understand that once they’re dead, they will not be around to “enjoy” their memorials?

  6. Darwin strikes again.

    I say good for them. If they are stupid enough to kill themselves for attention then it will better all mankind. Although, it does mean less people to serve hamburgers.

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