How well did Sylvia Browne do with her predictions for 2007?

I’ll give you three guesses. Oh hell, let’s just watch this recap of her predictions on Montel Williams back at the end of 2006:

It must really suck to be a charlatan psychic in this day and age what with the Internet and YouTube. You’ll note that on her official website she’s had the good sense to stop posting her lists of predictions because folks like me were digging them up and listing off all the wrong guesses at the end of the year. Apparently Sylvia hasn’t heard of YouTube yet (still you’d think she’d just know about it anyway thanks to her spirit guides) otherwise she might stop making guesses on Montel and just stick to claiming she predicted something after it has already happened. I wonder how many people took her investment advice to heart and lost their shirts this year as a result? Think they learned their lesson?

Yeah, probably not.

Clip found via Heathen.TV which is quickly becoming a daily visit for me.

7 thoughts on “How well did Sylvia Browne do with her predictions for 2007?

  1. Unfortunately, it seems like once you attain a certain market penetration, it doesn’t really matter how wrong you are: most people don’t care.  The relative truth content of Browne’s predictions is not as important as her fame, and people’s gullibility, in ensuring her lasting employment as a psychic.

  2. Sadly true – look at how badly GWB had to screw things up before his supporters began to have pangs of doubt.  Still, YouTube seems to have introduced a new level of accountability for public figures.  In time, politicians will have to adapt one way or another.  Psychics will only be able to prey on the most determined self-deceivers.

    That’s not very many people, is it? Oh, wait…

  3. uhh.
    i feel she does in some cases know wat shes talkin about.
    some thngs do seem far fetched nd scetchy but for the most part..she knows what shes saying.
    as far as im concerned she is wellover 70. with age comes wisdom.
    pshycic or not. shes aware of what comes out her mouth.

  4. That’s not being a Psychic, thats pattern recognition.

    My predictions for 2009.

    Political problems in the Middle East.
    Hollywood A-listers split up, possibly divorce.
    Prices rise.

    Sorry VerySick, she was wrong.  You take her predictions, you see what happened, you compare. And She Was Wrong.

  5. Of course she’s aware of what’s coming out of her mouth. You can’t spew that much bullshit without being aware of it.

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