Doesn’t this hit close to home…

I think most atheists can relate to this cartoon by Don Addis…

Found over at The Friendly Atheist.

9 thoughts on “Doesn’t this hit close to home…

  1. Usually when I’m getting hit over the head they’re also screaming at me “Help! Help! I’m being repressed”

  2. Take a look at the comments on that blog.  The moderate religious folks descended immediately to wag their fingers at the cartoon for being rude.

    It struck me that the religious moderates are always the first to turn on any atheist who shows the slightest hint of disrespect towards their religion.  Their always the first ones to decry the rudeness and suggest that atheists just ignore their fundy brethren.  And yet, they never take the fundies to task when they do the same thing towards atheists.

    Go to any fundamentalist board or blog and see how many times you’ll see a religious moderate wagging their fingers when the fundy says essentially the same thing as that strip.  You probably won’t run out of fingers on one hand.

  3. Wow, Lobo, that’s amazing. 

    I struggle, not always successfully, to remain on-point and not personalize conflicts in my discussions with the religious.  Not because I’m some kind of nice guy but because in the big picture my anger could easily get in the way of what I’m trying to say.  But it is a struggle and I totally understand those who just lash out.  That cartoon is dead-on accurate.

    And before anyone says “Not all Christians are like that!” the cartoon did not make that claim.

    If someone is beating you over the head with their theology (through the instrument of US law) they can expect to have their theology deconstructed.  Metaphorically snapping it over our knee.

  4. DoF- I’m confused by you’re last comment. Are you saying Lobo is lashing out? I didn’t read it that way- I got the moderates don’t rein in fundies, but try and represent that the fundies don’t speak for them.

  5. No, I meant that was an amazing collection of comments that he pointed to.  A study in themselves.

    And yes, the moderates are quick to say; “Nuh-UH!  Not Meeee!”  or alternatively some variation of “No true Christian is like that”.

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