3 guys with one camera recreate Omaha Beach landing.

One of the reasons I got into computers at a young age was because I thought it would provide me with the creative tools to do cool things on video. It would be years before the possibility would be realized and I never did develop the skills to do it myself, but these days it’s quite common to see amateur efforts that rival many Hollywood productions.

These three guys aren’t exactly amateurs, but it’s still impressive that just three guys, some hand held green screens, and a single camera were all that was needed to create a small Omaha Beach landing scene for a documentary:

Yeah, there’s a part of me that still wants to learn how to do that sort of thing.

8 thoughts on “3 guys with one camera recreate Omaha Beach landing.

  1. I bloody missed the documentary- didn’t know it was on, its all over wargaming boards (Though not the ones about Aztecs).  It was repeated Wednesday morning this week at 2.45- I couldn’t record it, because PVRs get their updates at 3am, and I would have only got the 1st 15 minutes.

  2. When you get an opportunity you should try. It is alot of fun to make videos. Even if they are just talky blogs. I hung a green screen up in my living room and use a pretty cheep camcorder.

    I am a mac guy so I do my editing with Final Cut Express but windows movie maker will even do a ok job. Maybe not with green screen but for most shooting and editing.

    I started doing it after my carpal tunnel surgery to have less impact on my hand than traditional blogging.

  3. That video was really friggin cool. Most everything they did in 4 days, but part of me thinks they still spent a good deal of time planning and storyboarding.

  4. Great movie but damnit, that song in there is catchy.  Anyone possibly know what is it?  I must have it.

  5. @Psychromorbidus

    The song is Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Don’t know if it’s a remix or the original though.

  6. It was repeated last night on the Beeb- missed the first 30 secs or so, but I got the rest onto the Digibox, so have that to look forward to
    (does wargamer geek dance of joy).

    Actually I was lucky- I’d just finished watching the first episode of Torchwood, stopped the play back and it had just started. 

    I love my digibox and it’s hard disk.

  7. I stumbled upon this blog via Coturnix’s extensive blogroll this morning.

    I’m in the UK but missed the program. I’m not really into historical stuff. That said, I knew a fair bit about the background to D-Day landings etc.

    I’ve just blogged about this and given you accreditation since rightly so.

    This is a stunning piece of work that deserves wide recognition.

    The music is indeed Frankie (FGTH).

    It’s not a remix per se although the BBC have speeded up the BPM whilst retaining the original pitch. Pretty easy with a plug-in/piece of kit.

    I’m newish to blogging (5 months) but am really enjoying the blogosphere.

    ROCK ON LES…..

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