Weekend notes for a cold December morning.

So over the weekend, prior to heading up to my mother’s house, Anne, Courtney and I headed out to the local Kroger’s to get flu shots. This is the first year we’ve gotten shots and I’m hoping they work because Courtney and I caught the flu just prior to heading up to my parents for Christmas Eve last year and it made for a truly miserable holiday. Plus my arm started an annoying dull throb a couple of hours after the shot that got worse yesterday so the pain had better be worth it. Today it only hurts if I press on it so things are improving. Our timing was pretty good as the price on the shots dropped from $25 each to $10 on the day we went so it ended up costing a lot less than we expected it to. Hopefully that’s not because they think the vaccine isn’t working.

I was supposed to take Courtney out to do her Christmas shopping Saturday afternoon, but that got interrupted when the call for groceries came from my parents. With the snowstorm on the way we figured it was best to make the trip on Saturday rather than trying to do it Sunday or sometime during the week. Good thing too because we didn’t go anywhere yesterday. So I’ll be taking Courtney out something during this week to get her shopping in. The canceled school for her today so she got to sleep in whereas I still had to get up and come into work. On the plus side, the roads were clear enough and the traffic light enough that the trip in this morning went pretty smoothly. I was actually 15 minutes early and got to sit out in the hall with the rest of the team because the person that has the keys to the room was running late due to the weather. We didn’t get in until almost an hour after we normally open up in the morning.

Other than shoveling the drive which I mentioned yesterday, I spent the rest of the day playing World of Warcraft as the Feast of Winter Veil is underway and Call of Duty 4 as I’m almost at the top ranking with all the extra weapons unlocked. Watched a little TV, played some Tomb Raider Legend which I got from a family friend for some PC work I did for them recently, and basically lazing about as befits as snowy day. I’m sure you guys were much more productive than I was.

3 thoughts on “Weekend notes for a cold December morning.

  1. I’m sure you guys were much more productive than I was.

    Well, I did get two coats of paint on the bedroom wall yesterday.  But then, I’m trying to get it wrapped up and the furniture back in by tomorrow night so I can get some gaming in before the inlaws get here Monday. 

    I’m almost 3 weeks into my semester break, and I haven’t vegged out yet.  I haven’t played anything outside of quick stuff like Bejeweled or Mahjonng for most of the year that the curve of getting back into the game is curbing my desire.  The whole having to get up and get the kid to kindergarten by 8 am is wrecking my sleep habits – I’m having trouble staying up till midnight now. wink  Used to be some prime PS2 time for me, now I’m crashing out when I used to be pulling the console out.

  2. Hi Les:  I suppose you know that it takes about 2 weeks after the flu shot before you’re “fully” protected.  So your timing was excellent.

    And of course you know that the “flu-like” symptoms you get after the flu shot are from your immune response, not that you actually got the flu!


  3. LOL, we were well aware of all these Facts, SG! grin Our timing was simply a matter of Mrs SEB saying, “Alright already… lets do it!” After SEB having commented for the millionth time, “We really need to get Flu vaccinations this year.” grin Hence the next morning, we got up, got dressed, went out for family brunch and got Flu vaccinations on the way home.

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