Ugh, up way too early. I’m too nice a guy.

I’ve been at work an hour and a half already when I’d normally arrive right about now and, depending on how the day goes, I may be staying late by a couple of hours as well. It’s all due to the sudden influx of laptops the Ypsi site got yesterday. They asked if I could come in an hour early to help validate the builds (and I’m happy to report that 80% of them made it through the process successfully during the night) and could I possibly stay late for some OT if the day saw another flood of machines. Thinking of the fact that I’m going to be off next week due to the shutdown and will only get holiday pay for three of the seven work days I figured having a little overtime to go along with the ridiculous mileage I’m building up driving back and forth between these two sites might not be a bad idea. Plus, I’m just a that kind of a nice guy to help out when called upon.

Though the extra money does help overcome the fact that I’m up earlier than I really care to be. Gotta go and find some coffee now… must.. have.. caffeine…

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