Time for this year’s synchronized Christmas light display.

It seems every year more and more people are syncing their Christmas light displays to music. Two years ago we had the guy who did a display set to Wizards of Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The last year we had another display set to the same song by a different fellow. This year brings us something a little different in terms of music, but no less impressive in the way of a display:

By the way, a sure sign that this fad has caught the attention of Christmas decoration manufacturers is the fact that you can plunk down $200 for a set of three Christmas trees that come with their own synchronized light show and loud speaker to annoy the neighbors with. No where near as impressive as the above, but much less work involved. Just a shame it doesn’t include an FM transmitter so you don’t bug the neighbors (most of the DIY projects broadcast on a low-power FM signal to your car).

9 thoughts on “Time for this year’s synchronized Christmas light display.

  1. Yes, it is impressive.  It’s also gawdawful and more than a little frightening.  I guess I’m just an old fuddy-duddy, but mindless electronic arcade music with lighting to match set my teeth on edge.  You have to wonder if these people have ever sung a song or lit a candle in their lives.  But I guess it’s none of my business.

    Merry Christmas, or Cephalopodmas, to everyone!

  2. Now if they would only apply those kinds of skills to something useful.

    The flashing alone is more than enough to bug the shit out of neighbors.

  3. The National Lottery over here parodied it for one of their ad spots:

    That’s the shorter version, incidentally, but it’s all I could find on YouTube.

  4. There’s one of those houses locally here in Minnesota, so after we go see Sweeney Todd and Aliens V Predator (because there’s nothing better on Christmas Eve than some good blood and gore), and after stuffing ourselves at the Panda Garden buffet, we might go park in front of said house and get mesmerized while we digest. 

    Right now, we’re watching the Weird US christmas special on History Channel – Lutefisk dinner at a Minnesota Lutheran church is featured.  Gross.

  5. Zilch, I admit it’s tacky as hell, but damn if it doesn’t appeal to my inner-geek something fierce. I can’t help but stare in awe and wonder.

  6. *grins*  Mario and Tetris Christmas!  I prefer the Wizards of Winter, but this was cute.  I certainly wouldn’t have it at my house.  This and the big, blow-up decortations… really tacky, IMAO.  I don’t even like putting up lights.  Too much of a hassle.

    Have a great day!

  7. That was pretty amazing for sure! But as long as that display wasn’t running all month long I think as a neighbor it wouldn’t piss me off too much…

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