This is the sort of Christmas I remember…

Maybe it’s just a faulty memory, but most of the Christmases I remember from when I was a kid had a decent snowfall compared to those of the past few years. So it brought back some fond memories when we woke up this morning to find that it had snowed quite a bit during the evening hours. Here it is four days before winter officially begins and we’ve got a good half a foot or so of snow in the yard. Here’s a couple of pics:

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That’s my poor, old, beat up, Grand Prix sitting under that mound of snow. Here’s a couple of more I thought came out well:

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We made a mad dash up to Momma’s house yesterday in order to take care of some grocery shopping they needed done and the storm was kicking in just about the time we got home so it’s a good thing we did it yesterday. Now I just have to get up the gumption to go out there and shovel some of that off the main driveway which, as you can see in at least one of the above pictures, is quite lengthy. Fortunately I’ll have some help so it shouldn’t take too long.

18 thoughts on “This is the sort of Christmas I remember…

  1. Damn, you live in such a beautiful place. And what great snow! We’re lucky here if we get half an inch in January.

  2. We got the same here in central Illinois! I just got done shoveling and unfortunately I worked out the day before… pretty poor planning on my part.

  3. Not fair! There’s no snow in sight where I live. It snowed in early November, but all of it has melted since and it doesn’t look likely I’ll get to ski until next year.

  4. And now all you need are some good ole fashioned hollowday films and music…..

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    Stay on groovin’ safari,

  5. I’m surprised you don’t have more.  You’re farther north than we are here in southern WI and we’ve got around 15 inches on the ground.  My parents are two hours farther north and they have around 11 inches on the ground.

  6. We’re in this weird nook here in South Eastern Michigan where we get less snow than many places further to our south. Cleveland gets clobbered often thanks to lake effect snow. We’re too far from the western edge of the state for Lake Effect and not far enough north for any standard snow. Philadelphia gets more snow than we do.

  7. I live up in Juneau, Alaska and you have more snow there than I’ve seen all this season up here.  Then again last year we had record breaking amounts of snow. 

    I’d sure be happy to have some snow for the holidays it makes everything so much lighter out.  Right now its dark on my way to work, and already dark by the time I head home.  I work in a room with no windows so besides my lunch break I don’t see the sun until the weekend for about 4 or 5 hours.

    It’s like I get weekend visitation rights to see the sun…

  8. We’ve had quite a bit more snow than a usual December here in Chicago, most of Decembers I remember have maybe one decent snowfall, but mostly flurries with little accumulation.

  9. I heard on the radio yesterday that Mount Baker, in Washington State holds the record for maximum snowfall:

    The Mt. Baker Ski Area in northwestern Washington State reported 1,140 inches of snowfall for the 1998-99 snowfall season.

    That’s 95 FEET for you math impaired out there!


  10. SG- tell me that you did that sum in your head.  Here in Vienna we have currently about a half inch of snow on the ground.

  11. Zilch, its 1200-60 or 100×12 – 5×12.

    Just out of interest, what is considered a ‘Traditional American Christmas’ scene.  Over here its Victorian. Doing a Christmas themed quiz/panel show? get every one to dress up like Dickens.

  12. Hussar- yep, that’s how I did it too.  Even here in the Land of Tens I haven’t yet forgotten about inches and feet.  I was just wondering if our talented Science Goddess did it in her head as well.  I bet she did.

    I haven’t been in the States this time of year for a while, but thirty years back I worked in the Dickens Christmas Faire, which seemed to satisfy the customers’ cravings for traditional Christmasness.  Especially popular were the French Postcard skits, where actors in various stages of Victorian dress and undress posed behind the curtain, which was raised briefly and dropped, at which there was a lot of giggling and scurrying around for the next scene.

    I don’t think the French Postcard skits ever achieved “traditional American Christmas” status, somehow.

  13. Hi Zilch:  No, I used the “calculator” button on my computer.  Is that Vienna, VA, or Vienna Austria?  Up here in the boonies of MD, we got ice.  DH fell taking the dogs out, hit his head, no damage.


  14. Science Goddess- is “DH” “Der Hausman”?  In any case, careful on the ice.  A friend of mine here in Austria (notice the little red-white-red flag?) fell on the sidewalk and forgot lots of stuff.  Not funny.

    Yep, we got ice here too.  They’re predicting snow again soon, but only the Christ Child (that’s who brings the presents here) knows whether we will have a white Christmas.

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