The Pope says atheism is the cause of all the world’s problems.

Cartoonist Matt Bors responds with the following:

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As well as a very well written blog entry on the topic.

10 thoughts on “The Pope says atheism is the cause of all the world’s problems.

  1. Ask any “real” Christian (for instance, the odious Vox Day): if an atheist does evil, it’s because he doesn’t fear God.  If a Christian does evil, it’s because he doesn’t fear God, and is thus not a Christian, and is thus an atheist.  Therefore Christians cannot do evil.

  2. This is the kind of stuff that makes my blood boil.  What makes Christianity think it invented morals?  I’ve run into this a number of times and it absolutely drives me crazy.  As much as Christians want people to believe, their morals weren’t handed out to the human race by their omnipotent god.  They evolved over time with the human race.  They are there because over time people realized that it would be mutually beneficial to everyone.  Call it social awareness or empathy, but in the end it was those things evolving overtime that gave us our morals we have today.  It could be argued that with Christianity holding onto the moral standards of the bronze age they are actually well behind the times on what we consider moral today.  Just look at all of the Pope’s boilerplate issues and it’s easy to see how behind the times and immoral they are on certain subjects.

  3. I wonder if christianity +islam will be largely forgotten one century – then we’d forget their claims of inventing morality and society’d give more of the credit+blame to individuals, rather than groups

  4. That is a good point, but when you have a person that is the head of your organization and also claims to be the conduit or “Gods voice” then as I see it we have a problem.

    Then again I find the rhetoric, if there was no religion then we wouldn’t have all the wars we have being just as ignorant sounding.  Human nature is still what it is and there will still be fighting for power or someones “ideals” even if they aren’t directly related to religion.  Personal accountability would go a long ways, but society as a whole is a long, long way from abandoning their scapegoats.

  5. Channel 4 this week end, ‘Make me a Muslim’- group of 20 somethings live as strict muslim. Is lack of religeon to blame for young people being out of control?  No, having the Right teach us greed is good, that self is all, is to blame, and whenever anyone tries to teach a community based thing in schools the idiots in Right papers like the Daily Mail (Next Years Headline “Did Immigrants kill Princess Diana?) whine about nanny state.

  6. In some ways islam might do us a favour – if everyone after muhamed is not a profit… But as to how/if we’d get that view mainstream I don’t know – there is a feeling in people that they themselves are a profit, most would get laughed at but some reach a position of power unchallenged, particularly also if the followers want to believe it

    Also I suppose it is slow to just wait out the centuries, and with the ability to record data permanently christianity won’t be forgotten soon, and I think the time of new-organised-religion-forming is over, which is good overall in that they won’t take new credit, but bad short term in that they don’t push out xianity.

    And yep, some people will die before they ever change, I think of how much work we’ve had with Special K to get as far as we have, then think the scale of what we’re up against – only life can break that up

  7. The established religions will never be forgotten just regarded as myth like Roman and Greek gods, forever locked away in museums being contorted {more so} in meaning and used in Disney movies.

  8. I wonder if christianity +islam will be largely forgotten one century – then we’d forget their claims of inventing morality and society’d give more of the credit+blame to individuals, rather than groups

    I suppose that we can hope for another Enlightenment, there’s anything at all good to come from this…  If anything, its foot-soldiers will be the kids for whom going to college is an act of late-adolescent defiance against their anti-intellectual parents and pastors.

  9. I suppose there will be a kind of void to fill without it, and the need will cause some automatic re-adjustment – in some ways I think maybe children are sometimes the opposite of their parents because they felt the need for change on the recieving end and saw the effects more blatantly themselves – and I suppose with this there comes the desire to challenge the parents – at least this is how I went – but maybe children end up going the other way if given into – I think if I had children I’d tend not to show anger towards them for misbehaving, but in a unfeeling way, inflict a punishement they knew they’d be getting and not give in, as a way of telling them that pestering doesn’t work.

    Thinking on it – I have no idea how a child of mine would turn out though…

    Anyway -I hope that if organised religion is nolonger as much of an option as before people may be forced to think and find security elsewhere, but the element of religion itself spawns automatically, because people depend on it, at least though personal versions aren’t so fundie-like, and that’s certainly an improvement because we escape all the circular arguments.

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