The Democrats in Congress are a bunch of pussies.

Remember how back before the 2006 elections all the Conservative pundits were making dire predictions about how the world as we know it would end if Nanci Pelosi became speaker of the house? How they suggested that she would single handedly bring about the ruin of this great country? Remember the sense of relief many of us felt when the Democrats took control of both houses and we thought that, finally, Bush would no longer get whatever the hell he wanted by a rubber stamp Congress?

Remember all that?

Would somebody please explain to me then why it is that it seems like pretty much business as usual on the Hill?

The agreement signaled that congressional Democrats are ready to give in to many of the White House’s demands as they try to finish the session before they break for Christmas—a political victory for the president, who has refused to compromise on the spending measures.

The House last night also approved a new version of legislation that would stave off the spread of the alternative minimum tax, a parallel tax system originally targeted at the very rich, to millions of middle-class families. The House version would not add to the federal budget deficit.

I’m often asked why I won’t just declare myself a Democrat seeing as I tend to side with them more often than not and this is one example why. They keep doing things to show me that they don’t deserve my loyalty. That they are, in fact, a big bunch of spineless pussies who couldn’t make a stand on an issue if their lives depended on it. At this point it’s beginning to look like it doesn’t matter if we had fucking Martians running Capitol Hill as the President is going to be able to do whatever the fuck he wants regardless.

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  1. I’ve got the opposite take as a former Republican – it’s easier to whip a bunch of spineless pussies into shape that it is to convince a bunch of confident, evil bastards that their One True Way is wrong. Personally I wish Biden were more of a presidential candidate, but I’ve began to consider that Hillary might do since she’s likely to perform exactly a Presidency based on which way the wind is blowing. That means that a constant constituency rumble should keep her on track no matter what for fear of not simply being “the First Female President” but “Why Chicks Shouldn’t Be The Commander-In-Chief.”

  2. They may be spineless, but they’re still the strongest voice on our side, at least in that they’re the only ones with a hope in hell of election – and the alternative could be much worse…

    I prefer incompetence to malice

  3. I bet they have a conspiracy to roll over until elections to show traditionally conservative voters that they have nothing to fear voting Democrat since they don’t do anything really anti Conservative.  Conservatives and liberals are sick to death of the hypocrisy and misinformation of conservatives so the liberals if they do change their vote (which many won’t because they are too against the republicans to chance a third party potentially ruining things) it won’t be many of them.  When the Dems have lead enough conservatives away from the Republicans and take control of the House, Senate and White House then they’ll throw things into overdrive and begin setting forth a new America.  And if they don’t… well… VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!

  4. Actually, the House has been busy.  They just passed a resolution (H. RES. 847) which recognizes the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.  The bill was introduced by (you guessed it!) the representative from Iowa!


  5. Justice – indeed, and for me it’s the decider, fortunately intent is fairly easy to read in people

  6. At this point it’s beginning to look like it doesn’t matter if we had fucking Martians running Capitol Hill as the President is going to be able to do whatever the fuck he wants regardless.

    Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others?

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