Teaser trailer for fourth season of “Doctor Who.”

The quality is crap and there’s a spoiler or two, but if you need a taste of what’s coming up in the next season of Doctor Who then here it is:

Found over at Bad Astronomy Blog.

2 thoughts on “Teaser trailer for fourth season of “Doctor Who.”

  1. This was at the end of the Christmas Special. Are you excited! I Am! (But you can’t see what I’m doing).

    I only watched last year’s – the Runaway Bride last weekend. I don’t think that Catherine Tate is the terrible decision some are making out- I’ve spoken to people like Donna! And yes, they are like that.

  2. I noticed that Zoe Wannamaker is in the clip, so maybe she will be reprising her role as the Lady Cassandra in this series (albeit it a proper human form).

    Will be good to have Billie Piper back again in this series too.

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