So I’m back in Milford again…

… after roughly a day at the Ypsilanti location (half a day yesterday and half a day today). Turns out the Ypsi migration project isn’t proceeding at the pace they expected—we had a total of three PCs to do yesterday—whereas the guys in Milford were having trouble getting the refreshes done while also delivering the hardware bundles. So back out to Milford I went just before lunch. The one nice thing about it is that I’ve racked up quite a bit extra mileage for the paycheck next week.

Then, just to add a little more stress to my life, my car decided to start acting weird on the drive back out here this morning. The trip into Ypsi was fine, but for some reason I’m unsure of when I left for Milford on the freeway and got up around 60-70 MPH the car started vibrating like there was something wrong with the front suspension. Thinking maybe I’d damaged something on the monster pothole I discovered on the way home last night I called my boss to tell him I was going to take the rest of the day off to get it looked at. However the boss convinced me that they really needed my help out here so I stuck to back roads where I wouldn’t have to go over 50MPH. At one point I’m pretty sure I heard a ka-chunk come from under the car and when I checked my rear view to see if the transmission had just fallen out or something and saw nothing lying in the road I figured I’d try the freeway once more. Got up to 70 with no vibration at all so I’m not sure if it was a clot of snow in the wheel or what, but I’ll find out for sure when I head home in a quarter hour or so.

Nothing like a little auto related stress to keep the blood flowing.

Update: Just got a phone call. I’m back out in Ypsi in the morning. Seems all the people who were supposed to show up yesterday decided to show up today along with the people who were supposed to show up today and one or two people from tomorrow. Some 20 machines or so have been dropped off. Great.

5 thoughts on “So I’m back in Milford again…

  1. Check your treads.

    Just last week I was having low speed vibrations after a pot-hole. I heard a bang and it smoothed out a bit.

    When I got home, I looked with a flashlight and found a huge chunk of one of my treads was missing (about 1.5’ by 6”), right down to the radial cords.

    It was probably vibrating while it hung on as a flap, then let loose with a bang as the chunk hit my wheel well.

    I was surprised how hard it was to see the missing bit. I would have missed it without a flashlight.

  2. Once went loopy trying to find the source of a odd noise- turned out something (a plastic bag I think) stuck to the wheel.  Give it a good visual inspection, then some quiet roads/empty carpark to see if it feels right.

  3. if they had to take off a tire to replace the washer pump they could nave failed to properly retighten your lug nuts.


  4. Mine does the exact same thing. Rides fine under 50 and bucks like a bronco at highway speed until some invisible chunk of ice flies off and scares the hell out of you. Double check your tires though, just in case.

    P.S. I would have sworn the washer pump was easy to get at. Should have eyeballed the job myself before getting your hopes up. That side of the engine compartment fits together like a Chinese puzzle box.

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