Showing the true spirit of Christmas.

Some folks find it hard not to go overboard at Christmas time. This is one of those fellows:

When UK-based electrician (go figure) Alex Goodhind found that he couldn’t make a cup of tea when his massive Christmas display was turned on, he decided to shell out £700 ($1385) to install a factory-strength 145-amp power line to his home. The display took five weeks to put together, and it will run him about $1000 in additional electricity costs over the course of three weeks.

Be sure to click the picture of a larger version. Found over at Gizmodo.


3 thoughts on “Showing the true spirit of Christmas.

  1. At least if you lived nearby you wouldn’t have any trouble finding your way home at night. Still, what a way to spend several thousand dollars (as I’m guessing the lights and the powerline weren’t cheap as well as the $1000 electrical bill).

  2. That’s what christmas is all about, a tradition of flashy lights, tinsel (what relevence does tinsel have anyway?), etc

    At most christmas is symbolic, but even then it’s detracted so far from what it represents and has become an irrelevent materialistic retail thing to force people to buy stuff they don’t necessarily want, or wouldn’t buy given the money instead

    Even then, symbolism doesn’t change the level of need and shouldn’t be changing mindsets, it doesn’t need to meen anything – there’s no reason to restrict christmas spirit to christmas

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