“My Name is Bruce” trailer is online.

I love Bruce Campbell. Not only is he a Michigander, but he has starred in some of my favorite movies and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He has a new movie coming out called My Name is Bruce in which he plays himself and ends up finding himself being asked to fight a real monster.

It looks cheesy as hell and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

15 thoughts on ““My Name is Bruce” trailer is online.

  1. Hell yeah!  I’m not president of the Bruce Campbell fan club or anything, but I will watch any movie that is cool enough to have him in a major role.  Even his Old Spice commercial is pretty funny.

    For those here who haven’t seen it, I have only one word: Bubbahotep.

  2. Oh man, that’s one for the old dvd collection right there I tell ya what. 

    I saw Bubbahotep, and it seemed promising and it was great, right up until about the last 20 minutes.  I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but I guess it had to end somehow.

  3. Seen Bubbahotep? I have the DVD in my collection. Word has it they’re working on a sequel of sorts, but I don’t know if Bruce is in it.

  4. This movie looks to be hackneyed, cliched, un-original, and generally lame in its attempt at humor.  No sensible person would want to waste time or money on it.  I can’t wait!!!

    (I would like to see Bruce Campbell guest-star on House.  Like a sarcasm singularity…)

  5. Very nice find, Les.  Of course, that’s why I come here in the first place—so I never miss a bit of weirdness in this world.  Thanks.
    Decrepitoldfool –
    While Bruce would make a nice guest star on House, I think Dr. Cox from Scrubs would be the sarcasm needed to create a Sarcastic Big Bang that would give birth to tiny little sarcastic galaxies.  I still think House is based on Cox.  Just my own personal opinion.

  6. BTW this is the exact plot line of Three Amigos – movie stars mistaken for real action heroes must fight real badguys.  It is a movie well worth the time you will waste watching it.  ohh ???

  7. Actually, I was disappointed with Bubba Ho-Tep.  I guess I never realized until now how many times we’ve seen something similar to the “My Name is Bruce” plot, though:  “Fright Night”, “GalaxyQuest”, even William Shatner playing William Shatner in “Free Enterprise” is sort of the same gig…  All the same, Bruce in some ways has some claim to that meme.  I enjoyed “If Chins Could Kill” hugely.

  8. Loved watching Bruce in “Burn Notice”—looking forward to that one starting up again (if the writers’ strike ever ends!) He’s got such a greasy kinda charm … and we saw him as the head waiter or something in a movie not too long ago, but I can’t dredge the title out the sludge in my mind … oh yeah, “Spiderman 3!” (He was in the other two as well—cracked us up every time we spotted him.)

    And Bruce isn’t doing the “Bubba Hotep” sequel. Darn.

    Wonder why the video was pulled?

  9. Stupid Youtube took down the video.  I hate the current Intellectual Property laws in the US, they’re making life miserable, strips consumers of their rights and free of choice, and gives way too power to big corporations.

  10. Anyone remember Brisco County Junior? One of my favorite TV shows of all time. Campy and sarcastic!

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