Latest Pew Research poll shows public still distrusts atheist politicians.

The poll wasn’t about atheists per se, but rather about public opinion about Mormons. Still it includes us as a group and we’re still in last place on the list. If you’re planning a career in politics you’d best not be an atheist or do everything you can not to discuss your lack of faith.

Though Mormonism is viewed as far less of a liability for a presidential candidate than not believing in God or being a Muslim, more people do express reservations about voting for a Mormon (25%) than about supporting a candidate who is an evangelical Christian (16%), a Jew (11%) or a Catholic (7%).

Furthermore, the group of Americans most likely to say they value religiosity in a president – white evangelical Protestants – is also the group most apt to be bothered by his religion.

More than one-in-three evangelical Republicans (36%) expressed reservations about voting for a Mormon, a level of opposition much higher than that seen among the electorate overall.

These worries are directly linked to how Americans view Romney. The August Pew poll found that Romney’s favorability rating was much lower (54%) among those who say they would be less likely to vote for a Mormon than among those without such reservations (81%).

Overall, a slim majority of the public (53%) expresses a favorable view of Mormons, while 27% view Mormons unfavorably. By this measure, the public views Mormons more favorably than Muslims (43% favorable) and atheists (35%), but more negatively compared with evangelical Christians (60% favorable), Catholics or Jews (76% favorable for each group).

It still bugs me that Muslims politicians stand a better chance of being elected than atheists what with all the violent nonsense their radicals get into. When was the last time a group of radical atheists torched several city blocks and a couple of embassies over a cartoon? “Sure a few of their radicals might suddenly decide to go on a rampage, but at least they still believe in God!

7 thoughts on “Latest Pew Research poll shows public still distrusts atheist politicians.

  1. All the other religions just want them to die for their beliefs at the extreme end, atheists want them to realize they’re being idiots. One is more dangerous to the other religious whackos than the other.

  2. I’d be curious to know where Scientologists would fall in a poll like that.  It’s very possible that they’d score even lower than atheists.

  3. And what of the Wiccans and the Pagans?  Buddhists?  I’ll bet they’d all score pretty low.  No, wait, I think they’d lump ‘em all with the athiests – since “God” in most minds only applies to the xtian god.

  4. When was the last time a group of radical atheists torched several city blocks and a couple of embassies over a cartoon?

    I’m an atheist and I feel like hurting people every time I read ‘Garfield’, does that count?

  5. “My God’s better than your God!” But, if you don’t have a god, you’re not part of the tribe and that brings up the tribal instinct to survive, aka, BIGOTRY. How sad.

  6. That’s the whole point, I think. There are no atheist candidates, no atheist politicians, to vote for. Or if there are some they pull “The Gay Republican” and keep it private, while condemning “The Godless” in public. Not that I blame them. In Georgia, if a politician even expressed doubt about the existence of God, his career would be over. You might as well say you’re sexually aroused by farm animals or little children. Hopefully this is changing but it will be a long road.

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