Just a friendly war reminder…

The cost of the war is just about to break $15 billion a month.

Let me say that again: $15 BILLION DOLLARS a MONTH!! That means in two months time we will have spent the entirety of the cost the expansion to SCHIP that Bush vetoed a little while back. Of course we couldn’t afford that expansion. We’re busy wasting it on the war. Too bad it only buys us two months worth of expenses.

Oh, and as of December 26th we’re up to 3,900 dead American soldiers to boot. Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Just a friendly war reminder…

  1. Which also stands as a reminder that Republicans are no more fiscal conservatives (at least until they relocate their Eisenhower soul, but I’m not holding my breath) than they are pterodactyls.

    Actually they might be pterodactyls.  Dick Cheney, at least.

  2. Can’t wait to hit the big 4000 early next year, I wonder if that push will be a single or a group troop effort.

    If BinLardo has a party he should dedicate it to Bush for making all these deaths possible.

  3. Bush’s war costs so much that if you aren’t available for active rotation in Iraq in the DoD your job is on the table for cuts. Right now they’re playing a pretty shell game in the Pentagon, but if the war continues for very much longer you’re going to inevitably have a series of massive government layoffs.

  4. Cosider that according to wikipedia 9/11 caused only about 3000 deaths

    Although I suppose at least in the military you accept the possibility of death as part of the deal – at least you +family are more prepared.

    And can you imagine the size of the heap if you piled 3900 dead bodies?
    BTW it works out approx $50 per citizen per month, assuming everyone in USA is paying equal tax. (approx 300M pop according to wikipedia)

  5. I think it’s usually a bit crass to try to barter casualties for equivocalnesses. The actual number of death casualties is remarkably low for an extended military action. On the other hand, we achieved every realistic combat objective in a few days of combat. We’ve been spending money ever since in diminishing returns.

    We’d probably even get off cheaper letting Iraq stir itself into a shitpot ever three years and blowing the hell out of them once it got to a certain crisis level. Certainly it would be easier on the soldiers and our international diplomatic cred.

  6. The thing that makes me feel good about our country is when I talk to republican friends that say, “There used to be a purpose, now I just don’t know. What’s the point anymore?” I guess on the one hand it sucks a president has to bring a war to the point where everyone questions him. But I think the war is a shame and a waste of money, so it’s nice that others see it that way. Maybe with enough people we can finally end it.

  7. I’m not sure if the war was good or bad – I’d have to know the rate of iraqi excecution under Saddam and compare it to what we have now. Now that we have invaded, I could only say it’s better to withdraw on a purely humanitarian level if there would be fewer deaths without the troops, and that I don’t know.

    I didn’t even consider the money factor in the above – I wonder if oil gained outweighs war’s cost? Political gain/money (2 forms of power), or feeling of threat, are the only logical reasons i can think of to go to great personal expense for humanitarian aid. Desire for legacy is an illogical albeit powerful reason that also factors in.

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