I was going to rant on Mitt Romney’s speech on religion…

… but so many other atheists have done a much better job of ripping it apart that I can’t think of anything else to add. In particular is this entry from Atheist Revolution to which I can only add, “Yeah! What he said!”

Not that I was likely to vote for Romney if he got the nomination to begin with, the worst of the Democrats looks fantastic in comparison, but at least we can see his bigotry right out in the open. The question is: Will the rest of the religious Americans recognize it as well and, more importantly, will they care?

5 thoughts on “I was going to rant on Mitt Romney’s speech on religion…

  1. Ugh, I just had a terrible vision of a Romney/Huckabee Whitehouse.  If that were to happen, I believe we should all just move to Australia, or maybe the moon.

  2. Australia certainly looks brighter without Howard. On the other hand, Australians elected Howard in the first place so I’m not confident they’re not as significantly portioned into idiot assholes as the States.

  3. will they care?

    They see it as a plain battle between religous and non-religous. Most don’t care who is the ally, so long as they are still useful to their cause and what they want to think, the moment that changes the person in question would be out on their ass.

  4. Wow! Thanks, SEB. That is high praise indeed. It is encouraging to see so many atheist blogs calling attention to his speech. I was particularly happy to see the Secular Coalition represented on O’Reilly.

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