Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer!

When I heard they were doing a live-action Speed Racer movie I was more than a little doubtful. Now that I’ve seen the trailer…

… well, I still have my doubts, but not as much as before.

8 thoughts on “Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer!

  1. I’m hopeful but the graphics look like they need ALOT of polishing to look less like a video game and more like a movie. Those car scenes look far too cartoonish to make a good movie.

  2. Trying this again…

    I wasn’t all that sure when I saw the actor that have playing Speed…but I ge the feeling that he will grow on you as the movie goes on.

    Visually it is beautiful and slick with just the right amount of “Cartoon” tossed in to mix up your perceptions.

    I also liked how they seem to have kept several of the Plot/Gag scenes from the Cartoon. smile

  3. I.. wait…. what the fuck? Hahah…. supermodified cars, an environment that looks like F-Zero mixed with Dr. Seuss, ninjas, bad CGs, and a kid with a pet monkey.

    Wow. It’s only missing the giant mechanical spider.

  4. Wow, when I heard they’d be shooting the whole movie on Green Screen, I was skeptical at the least.

    But damnit if that trailer hasn’t made me happier than a Christmas Elf who just graduated Dentistry School and had the best cookie ever made.

    It would’ve been cooler though if they just re-did the original title sequence with racing footage from the movie. Since it is the first released trailer and all.

  5. Oh god Rain is so hot. D:

    I honestly really dislike the Wachovsky siblings (one is transgendered now). They’re from a generation that watched Japanese anime on 4th generation copied tapes in small backrooms with a bunch of nerdly friends. Nothing wrong with that, not inherently. But what they watched were bastardizations of the original series’ most times so I dunno, Speed Racer is to me more of the american concept because its different from the original version. So is Atom Boy and a lot of other classic works. I find it interesting but when I go to see Speed Racer the movie, it’ll be obvious to see it was made with an American-trying to think like Japanese-mindset. Unfortunately its really hard to do that well. At least they have the benefit of the racing element to keep people entertained but I don’t think they’re gonna succeed honestly. Sure it’ll bring in a lot of cash but it won’t be a very good movie outside of some small elements.

    Also John Goodman and Susan Surandon, industry go-tos huh. But I am looking forward to Christina Ricci, and the monkey. smile

  6. I predict the first one will be awesome, followed by two lackluster sequels.

    It just had to be said.

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