Happy belated Blogiversary to me!

I just realized I missed my own Blogiversary. As of December 2nd SEB has been around for six years. It all started with a really lame post that indicated I hadn’t a clue what the hell I was doing. Funny thing is, I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I’m just faking it as I go along.

Never thought I’d keep at this for over half a decade. I’ve now beaten my previous record from back when I was running the anime websites The Casual Otaku and AnimeLinks.com (five and three years respectively). I’d like to say something witty or poignant, but I’m lucky I remember the event at all so this will have to do.

3 thoughts on “Happy belated Blogiversary to me!

  1. Happy ‘versary Les! May you continue to fool us all into thinking you have some clue what you’re doing for many more years to come.

    And I’m sure there’s something to be said about attracting oddballs for our amusement!  cheese

  2. Wishing you the happiest ‘versarry in the ‘verse, Les!  I only comment here and there when a semi-cogent or pertinent response comes to mind, but I’ve been reading your blog 5 days a week for over two years now, and I really appreciate hearing a sane voice in the sea of media bullshit.  I hope you’re not too tired of the routine, because you are a good writer and I enjoy your posts a great deal.  Kudos and keep it up!

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