For those of you who have been asking in email…

… yes, my Wish List is up to date. It’s always up to date because I read a lot of video game and gadget related blogs and am always finding stuff to put on it and then looking at it to see if there’s anything I’m not that sure I want anymore to remove. I’m kind of obsessive about it considering how infrequently it actually gets used.

Not that I expect you guys to get me anything, but after the fourth email came through about it I thought I’d just make an entry saying so. The fact that you guys stop by and read my blathering every day is pretty cool in its own right.

1 thought on “For those of you who have been asking in email…

  1. Good to know, thanks for saving me the email

    I was looking through your list, nice to see you’re a fan of William Gibson.

    I just finished reading a nonfiction book called “A History of Ideas: From Fire to Freud” it’s a huge book and not really a casual read, but it was one of those books that will rewire your brain and leave you with a very different perspective on much of human history and evolution.  It talks a lot about the precursors that had to be in place before certain inventions could become a reality and how they shaped human evolution.  The amazingly broad ramifications of what fire brought with it to humanity was enough to hook me in the first 100 pages of a 900+ page book spanning a massive amount of ideas and human history.

    I work in I.T. for a State Archival Library, so I’m always bugging a few of the librarians that seem to have similar reading tastes as mine for great books.  They always surprise me with their suggestions.  Of course now I need a nice fun read I can breeze though for the holidays.  Maybe it’s time to finally pick up Neuromancer for a read.

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