“Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned” trailer for the Christmas episode.

It’s looking pretty cool!

8 thoughts on ““Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned” trailer for the Christmas episode.

  1. Proof even a Time Lord likes International Rear of the Year. Kylie’s 40 next year! With that bum!

    Already got the DVR set up to record it- did it the day the Programme Guide updated (12th) to include Christmas Day.  cheese

    They’ve been showing all the David Tennant ones on BBC 3, one every night. The family are the next ones up.  My manager’s nephew is in it- he plays one of the boys. Got £450 plus £50 to have a Edwardian haircut.

    They showed the Daleks vs Cybermen last week. I love the way the pepperpots take a step back when Rose tells them who that was on the screen.  “5 million cybermen, thats easy. The Doctor, alone and unarmed- now you’re scared”.

    Pop Quiz
    What do the Daleks call the Doctor?
    What was the name of the 8th Doctor?

  2. And I have to wait for it to come on BitTorrent…
    Glad that Series 3 is finally on DVD to watch
    here in the States…

  3. It seems somewhat ironic being accused of stealing something which you, technically, have no ownership of. Above and beyond that point, however, is the simple fact that you can opt to turn off the ability to allow others to embed videos you post to YouTube. I suggest you learn how to use the service properly before complaining to others when they make use of the features you leave available.

  4. Dammit I wish I could get BBC One in the States!  I’ve been a huge Doctor Who fan since the days of Tom Baker and I watched every episode that aired on public television in my home town.  Yes, the original series was extremely low budget but they made up for it with superb storytelling and equally superb performances by the actors and actresses.  Loads of expensive F/X doesn’t make a great sci-fi series great (ie; Earth – Final Conflict, Enterprise, Crusades).

    The new Doctor Who airs here in the US on BBC America and The Sci-Fi Channel.  I like the new series even with the format change from serialized episodes to individual story episodes because the overall formula that made the original series so great is preserved.  I’ve also liked the two new Doctors also, they remind me so much of a younger Tom Baker minus curly hair and long scarf.  Anyway, this will eventually make it here in the US on DVD or via some download site.  Thanks for posting this.

  5. And now you’re linking from my YouTube account, instead!




    Fortunately, I’ve not got a bug up my arse about it, you’re welcome to embed it. smile  I had a Sarah Jane Adventures trailer pulled, though, after the BBC complained; strangely, no action against any of the actual Doctor Who stuff I’ve posted.  I’m just posting up coverage of the press launch, if you’re after more stuff.

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