Christmas with “Doctor Who.”

Continuing with the Doctor Who theme we have the following video clip that shows what spending Christmas with your past selves might be like:

2 thoughts on “Christmas with “Doctor Who.”

  1. It this an episode that has actually been on and I missed it in all the holiday rushing around? BBC America or SciFi?

  2. That is almost certainly an impressionist show called ‘Dead Ringers, as these are the regular male members.  I haven’t seen a 07 Christmas special, though that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been one, so it could be 06. It can’t be earlier as that is supposed to be David ‘the only Scottish actor never to be in Taggart’ Tennant.

    Tell a lie- did catch the end of one just before Christmas.

    Jon Culshaw- playing Tom Baker- does this impersonation out on the streets.  The original radio show had him doing prank phone calls “Is that the hardware store? It’s the Doctor here, do you have replacement Sonic Screwdrivers?”- this is before the ‘new’ Doctor (ie Ecclestone- here played by Phil Cornwell- the voice of Gilbert the Alien from ‘80s kids programs, as well as co-creator of ‘Stellar Street’).  On the TV shows Culshaw gets on buses, and asks if its going to Gallifrey, or once entered a tanning parlour where he tried to fix the machine, but it blew up- much to the consternation of the receptionist.

    I went to see an episode of Dead Ringers being recorded (The BBC give away tickets- check their website). While waiting for a retake to be set up of a ‘Tony Blair’ sketch, Culshaw broke into Ozzy Osborne “Sharon- I’m the Prime Minister”.

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