Catholic League’s Bill Donohue claims “Golden Compass” boycott a success.

I told you they’d try to claim it as a success:

“Boycott Worked”: Compass Flops – Opening Weekend $26 Million; Narnia $63 Million

NEW YORK, December 10, 2007 ( – ‘The Golden Compass”, the atheist-inspired film which sought to replicate Narnia’s success at the box office at Christmas two years ago has flopped by comparison.  Based on the anti-Christian novel by Philip Pullman, Compass took in $26.1 million in its first weekend, whereas ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ garnered $65.5 million on its weekend debut.

The Catholic League, which organized a boycott of the controversial film, as it would lead children to reading the anti-Christian books, saw the poor box office showing as evidence of a successful boycott. League President Bill Donohue said, “Our goal was to stop ‘The Golden Compass’ from meeting box office expectations, and we succeeded.”

Donohue suggested that considering ‘The Golden Compass’ “cost $180 million to produce, and another $30-$40 million in advertising, the inescapable conclusion is that our boycott worked.”

“All we heard from the chattering class over the past few weeks was that our boycott would have the reverse effect of enticing more people to see the film,” said Donohue.

Donohue concluded: “Let this be a lesson to militant atheists like Pullman: keep your hollow beliefs to yourself. And ease up on demonizing Catholicism-no other religion has done more to promote human rights, science and goodwill.”

Yeah, those Inquisitions awhile back are famous for their promotion of human rights and goodwill and all those Catholic missionaries telling the folks in Africa not to use condoms because they’re being intentionally tainted with AIDS and won’t protect them anyway is doing wonders for the promotion of science.

Give me a fucking break.

15 thoughts on “Catholic League’s Bill Donohue claims “Golden Compass” boycott a success.

  1. Donohue concluded: “Let this be a lesson to militant atheists like Pullman: keep your hollow beliefs to yourself. And ease up on demonizing Catholicism-no other religion has done more to promote human rights, science and goodwill.”

    Of course no other religion has gone so far to trample on human rights, pervert or flat out deny science and don’t forget all the years of bigotry.

    Yes, when it comes to doing their damnedest to hold back human evolution and the sciences I’m gonna have to say Christianity takes top “honors”. 

    I really don’t see how any of that will ever change if one of their main stipulations is that so long as you believe in “our” god your okay, but all others are sinners and evil.  Yeah, I think with that kind of tenant there is very little chance Christianity will ever be anything more than a lightning rod for bigots and people needing to justify their actions through “godliness”.

  2. Rather than playing “tu quoque” games over who’s done the most to hold back the human race—like there’s any question—what gets up my nose is the “Let this be a lesson…” and the jack-booted arrogance that it takes to begin a sentence with that phrase.  Not to mention the sheer elitism that goes into “chattering classes”.

    If that’s the case, I’m waiting to hear these “militant athiests” crowing over the millions awarded to the victims of priestly sexual predation:  “Let that be a lesson to any agency that forces celibacy upon its employees.”

    What an @$$hat…  Where’s Paolo Sarpi when you need him to enforce a little lesson on the temporal presumptions of the Vatican?

  3. I could care less about another fucking fantasy movie-I’m so sick of magical worlds that the thought of magical animals or fantastic creatures almost makes me puke.  I might have gone to see the film at the theater on its thematic merits, if I didn’t already know that it was watered down for consumption by the christ-tards.  By bending over to please ignorant christians, they have muddled a tale and lost a sale.  Probably a few million sales.  This is what you get for trying to please crybaby christians-it’s never enough.  Gut the tale, make it safe for the retards, make it inoffensive even to the people it was meant to criticize, and still get assholes like Donohue actively trying to ruin your venture.  In case any christians read this, I didn’t see the movie just because trying to appease dogshit christians (including talentless douche Nicole Kidman)has already ruined the fucking film.  Thanks, assholes!  Bill Donohue didn’t win anything by his whining-the producers lost out by trying to please such crybabies. 
    Hey, since old Bill started the name-calling and whining, let me continue it:  Bill Donohue is one of the most vile pieces of worthless christian dogshit on the planet.  How ironic that one of the most bigoted loudmouths in America serves as a spokesperson supposedly combating defamation.  I guess you can slander and defame as much as you want as long as your victim isn’t catholic!  I could go further and point out how he has the harshest words for atheists, telling us openly to keep our hollow ideals and ideas to ourselves, while he is busy defending child rapists and supporting an institution that knowingly spreads deadly false information about aids and birth control to millions of victims.  I hope Bill Donohue really does feel persecuted-he fully deserves it! 

    I am so sick of these pious assholes, always playing the victim while assaulting others.  Just like the shittiest little bastard on the playground that nobody likes.  Sometimes I wish we could bring back crucifixion just for them.

  4. Bill Donohue is one of the most vile pieces of worthless christian dogshit on the planet.

    You forgot to mention he’s a fucking ass-clown. A buffoon even.

  5. Neil, you seem a little… upset… about the film. Tell me, what are your true feelings?

    *Ducks and runs away*

  6. A buffoon indeed! If only many more people could realize this fact, and tell him so in public on a daily basis.  I suppose I could tone down the hyperbole a bit, but it’s barely hyperbole!

    I suppose Bill does have one shitty point-modern catholocismm is a bit preferable to say, snake handling or radical Islam.  They do tend to be slightly more pro-science, as long as the science has nothing to do with sex.  But there are still so many issues as to make it a moot point.  Even if catholocism were the best and most enlightened religion in the world, it’s still a shitty mess.  The patriarchal power structure, the fear of sex and pleasure, the love of suffering and martyrdom, the open support of vicious right wing fascist regimes(so long as they honor catholocism, of course)the lies about sex, birth control and aids that kill millions (all with the pope’s blessing) and let’s not forget about all the priests, bishops, and popes who have conspired to cover up the systematic raping of thousands of children over who knows how many years!

    And then you have old Bill, threatening and plotting against anyone who dares criticize the favorite religion of baby rapers!  I just don’t get it-even if you believe all the ridiculous horseshit that is christianity, how can giving money and aid to the catholic church even be an option for any person with a shred of conscience?  Giving money and support to liars, murderers, and baby rapers.  Really?  Isn’t that considered a serious crime in any civilized society?  I know it sure is if the rapist isn’t a catholic priest!  I just don’t see how Donohue can live with himself.  Claiming to believe that some senile ex-nazi wizard talks to god is crazy enough.  Actually giving support to the catholic church is beyond insane.

  7. *Heaves brick through monitor*

    Not really too upset about the film-I never expected it to be that great, I can’t much stand Nicole Kidman, and I really am sick of fantasy stuff right now.  But I am angry about the fact that an atheist can’t even write a book or get a movie deal without the pious fools bellowing, lying, and actively trying to hurt the man’s career.  All over a book that none of the complainers have even read. 
      I am upset that a skeptical view of religion can’t even get into the movie for fear of the (manufactured)backlash of the reactionaries.  And I am disgusted by Donohue’s attempt to get “credit” for fucking up someone else’s project.  This situation is a great example of how hypocritical religious folks can be, but you’ll get no media coverage of that angle. I couldn’t care less if closed-minded people won’t give the film a chance.  I can even live with it being watered down a bit to attract an audience.  But the constant braying of religious asses gets to me. 
    Bill Donohue is as foul and hateful as they get.  Everything non-catholic is a great offense to his delicate sensibilities, and the rest of us are supposed to care.  Not only does he use his free speech only to vilify others, but he often gets his way on such issues, or at least gets plenty of good press while other perspectives are ignored or belittled.  I have a major hate on for the man, have for years, and I see no need to hide it.  I don’t give my time or money to help cover for child molesters and fascists, and I don’t care for people who do!  If his ass was on fire, I’d piss on his face.  If he was Jesus, I would join the Roman army and request crucifixion duty.  I suppose I could use more tact and modesty to appeal to those more moderate than myself, but I prefer honesty.  The man is a disgusting piece of shit, and I will yell it from the mountaintop.  How else will the Donohues of the world ever know what the world really thinks of them?

    All this movie is to Donohue is another opportunity to hurt those that are not enough like him.  All I can do is use his outburts of manufactured outrage to try to show what a douche he is.

  8. Until now I hadn’t heard of this movie or the boycott, which I assume is due to a lack of hype.  Narnia, on the other hand; had tons of hype, it was based upon a well known kids’ story, and it was heavily advertised.  $26.1 million for a first weekend isn’t all that shabby.  Did the boycott have a significant impact?  Who knows?  There are far too many differences between this movie and Narnia to compare them.

  9. Neil, I have to d’off my chapeau at your masterful use of our Mother Tongue.  And this from a recovering English major:  Bravo!  (Which is a polite way of saying, “Dude!  I am totally stealing that ‘If his ass was on fire, I’d piss on his face.’  That was so #$%^&* awesome.”)

    You are absolutely right to nail your flag to the mast, and that’s a flag I’ll salute!

  10. I’ll be saluting that flag with cubiclegrrl too – I was ready to throw down some choice words but Neil covered most everything for me.  smile

  11. Yeah, count me in on that one too.  I don’t think anything I could say would do better than that Neil.

  12. No matter what happened with the film Donohue could exploit it.  If it had been a smash he could have ranted about this being evidence that Christianity/Catholicism is more threatened than ever and that the faithful, aka the suckers, need to shell out more money to the Catholic League to set things right.

  13. Good Grief Charlie Brown!
    Donohue is an obnoxious little puke, isn’t he.
    It never fails to amaze me just how fat-headed and close minded these people really are, not to mention on a whole,the people who are “defending themselves against the -evil- of the Golden compass” seem to be a little bit insucure in their own faith.I guess a two hour film that doesn’t fit with their veiws is going to just shatter their beleifs…poor dears.
    besides if they don’t want to watch it,nobody is going to make them.
    The movie was pretty mild anyway.
    why is it that these guys can hand out the bullshit like it their job,but if they ever have to take any of it they turn into gurgling useless brats

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