Torn between two lovers…

So yesterday the folks at Blizzard released patch 2.3 for World of Warcraft which is huge and makes all sorts of changes and adds tons of new content. I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time now. So, naturally, I got a review copy of Call of Duty 4 in the mail on the same day. I loves me some CoD and it was mighty painful sitting there trying to decide which I should play first. Check out the new content in WoW or blow up shit in CoD4??

So I did a little of both. Let me just say that the first impressions I have of CoD4 are amazing. The environments are scary real and it has reinforced what a good decision I made in not joining the military. More on that once I finish the single player campaign.

As for WoW, there’s so much that’s changed in the 2.3 patch that it’s going to take awhile to dig through it all. I definitely noticed that leveling has sped up quite a bit as they said it would and I’ve done quite a few of the 50 new quests in Dustwallow Marsh which has made for a nice change of pace.

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  1. Is the 2.3 patch worth re-upping for Wow? I put my account on ice a few months ago (and am totally digging COD4 as well), but I’ve been having WoW withdrawal lately. Actually, I tried Tabula Rasa and realized how good WoW was, which made me think about playing again. Worth it?

  2. Unfortunately the latest patch killed all the helpful addons I’ve began to depend on so I’m kind of stuck for a while. I’ve never gotten a character past the mid 40s though, so I’m game to give it a try once things like Auctioneer and Titan are updated.

  3. I just canceled WoW account, which made me feel kind of wistful for the days when I had a lot of fun with it, but I just haven’t been playing enough these past few months to justify paying for it.

  4. Ryan, depends on what you’d consider worth reupping for. There’s a brand new 10 man outdoor instance and some major changes to the classes (e.g. the hunter’s dead zone is now more or less gone and their aimed shot has a healing debuff). They’ve added guild banks to the game and updated the UI quite a bit allowing for tracking a lot of stuff you used to have to use an add-on for such as mailboxes, vendors, fishing nodes, etc. Check out the full patch notes for yourself.

    MM, just go into the addon configuration and click on the LOAD OUT OF DATE ADDONS box and they should work fine for the moment. The 40-50 stretch is the worst in the game, but the newly lowered XP requirements and the 50 or so new quests in Dustwallow should help that a lot.

    Benior, can’t fault you for that. If you’re not having fun then it’s not worth playing. I’ve had to cancel mine every now and then for money reasons, but I always end up going back.

  5. Les, that’s the problem – they don’t work right now. What they’ve done to the Auction house in particular has my AH addons broke as hell. Plus, somehow it nuked my maps with the notes on it, I’m not clear on how that happened but it’s not nearly as big a deal as having to wade through Bronzebeard’s wonky pricing at AH. smile

    The first half of the patch didn’t cause any huge problems but right now I’m bogging down more trying to figure out the right prices to sell things in AH than I am leveling.

  6. Although the campaign in CoD 4 was a bit too short imho, I still love it. Playing on veteran is so deliciously difficult and realistic. The only problem I have is that you have to pass checkpoints to save the game. Sometimes two checkpoints are just too far away from each other. I must’ve died hundreds of times during the last missions because of it, especially when time’s a factor.

  7. Meh, sounds like I’m sticking with COD. I keep hoping for more solo level-70 content. I don’t have the time or inclination to run raids ad nauseum, and I hate the idea of having to play a game on a schedule. That said, maybe one more patch will add enough content to make playing again worth it.

    As for the short single-player for COD, it seems like a good move for that game franchise. Most, if not all, of COD’s longevity was in multiplayer, which Infinity Ward committed to in a big way with this new game. Multiplayer is fantastic in COD4, but they obviously skimped on single player to accomplish that.

  8. Yeah, I got CoD4 for the 360, and have been enjoying it.  I do have minor gripes about not having any kind of cover system.  I guess games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Gears of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas have kind of spoiled me in some ways.  It just seems weird to not be be able to stack on a door and lob flash bangs without completely exposing yourself.  With that said the game is still a lot of fun, just that I kind of was expecting more… and no I haven’t tried out the Multiplayer yet since I haven’t played enough to have the controls become transparent to my actions.

    I have a buddy that is completely addicted to WoW.  He came over about a month ago and went off about the update and how I really need to get back on the WoW wagon.  With the slightly easier leveling I’m kind of tempted, but I might wait until after the holiday glut of AAA games.

  9. Loving CoD 4 more than a man should ever love a game.

    How come I keep hearing this complaint about a cover system everywhere I go…

    I guess it’s consolitis at its worst. People want their games to cover for them now.

    Back in my day…

  10. MM, are you using the beta of the new Auctioneer they’re developing? Other than a couple of minor glitches that’s been working just fine for me. And what are you using for your map notes? Cartographer? I keep mine updated using the updater and it’s also working just fine.

  11. Loving COD 4 here too … I too am confused about the complaints about the lack of cover – you can crouch behind stuff … seems like thats cover in my book.
    Mind you I prefer my COD’s and Halo type shooters over the tactical ones so i’m probably the one not getting the point wink

  12. First and foremost… I am enjoying this game it’s a solid FPS and on the 360 it is a beauty of a game.


    It’s not a lack of cover there are plenty of cars, bales of hay, and what not to hide behind in crouched or prone positions.  It’s just that once you get used to being able to dive into a cover and then do things like blind tossing a grenade through a door or down an ally without having to expose yourself.  So it feels frustrating especially at the higher difficulty settings where the enemy begins to have god like aiming abilities.  To have to expose the entire left or right half of your body to take a shot at someone and getting hit by a hail of bullets leaves me wanting a few more options.  I do try to use my surroundings to the best of my ability I’ve gotten back into the habit of standing to the side of a door and bank shotting a grenade off the door once it’s open or bouncing grenades off walls so they drop around a corner where you need. 

    I started playing the Call of Duty series on the PC when it first came out and have played the previous 3 games on the PC and really enjoyed them.  It’s just that the core game play mechanics haven’t really changed at all since the series was initially released.  With their current update to modern warfare I had been hoping for some updates to the gameplay beyond having night vision goggles and the occasional on rails shooter experience in a plane.

    Here are my Nitpicking points on CoD4 for those of you that might need more ammo to crush my complaints tongue wink …also I’ve only played the first 5 levels or so of the single player campaign I have yet to step foot into the multiplayer of this game (maybe this weekend… if you don’t agree with what I’m saying and would like to “virtually” shoot me in the face look for my GamerTag “Technomancer_AK”)

    1. Some of the boundaries in the game are poorly defined.  On the “Protect Warpig” (mired tank) level after you have protected the tank and then have to take out the AAA battery and take out the guys holed up in a house I found myself frustrated by the fact that while I had just climbed over a fence to get there I somehow couldn’t step over a curb on the street to get to the side of the house to flank the guys.  While I understand that this probably would have made it too easy to clear the house they should have created a visible barrier instead of putting up an invisible wall you couldn’t cross because a solider should be able to overcome a six inch curb.

    2. There’s been a few times I’ve found myself running around confused as to where to go next.  After running around for a few minutes there will finally be guys stacked up on a door and ready to open it.  (oh yeah, why can’t I open doors?)  the thing is that sometimes it takes your buddies a really long time to get to said door and then they apparently have to spend a few more minutes playing grab ass before opening the door for you.  Leaving me running around the level in search of the next area like a kid with a bad case of ADD in Latchkey.
    It could very well be possible that the only thing I enjoy more than playing games… is bitching about them…

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