Too many people are idiots.

Just, you know, saying…

Why? Well the ride into work today was a nightmare as there was no less than three different accidents on the freeway making me a half-hour late to work. Apparently some folks heard we were supposed to get a rain and snow mix today and decided to start driving like complete morons before the pavement ever even got wet. Then the ride home took almost exactly two hours even though, as near as I could tell, there was never an accident anywhere on the freeway in spite of the fact that it was snowing at the time.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then, just to put the icing on the cake, I had the ultimate example of just how idiotic the PC move process I have to engage in for my job is today. I was sent up to pack up a PC to move from Cube XYZ-20 to Cube XYZ-19, literally one cube to the right. A total of three feet. There isn’t even a dividing wall between the two seats. They couldn’t possibly be so stupid as to make me call for a Union member to do the actual move, could they? They’re not going to expect me to wait for some Union dude to find the time to fit a three foot pick-up-and-drop move in among all the other crap he/she has to do, are they?

Damn straight they are.

So what should have been a 15 minute move will end up being, at a minimum assuming someone actually attempts to do it tonight, a 24 hour job and possibly longer if they can’t be bothered to stop by. All because the Union rules say I’m not allowed to do any actual moving of PC equipment even though I work on the PC Move Team. I’m only allowed to move objects within the confines of their cubes, never from one cube to another no matter how short the distance may actually be. If I break that rule I could be fired and my company fined a ridiculously large sum of money.

Stupid doesn’t begin to describe.

11 thoughts on “Too many people are idiots.

  1. Not that stupid is confined to Union rules by any means, but unions do have their own special kind of stupid.  I played in an orchestra once making a soundtrack for a film, and the union representative there, a violinist, stopped playing in the middle of a measure during the recording, thus ruining the take, because it was Union time for a coffee break.

  2. Unions seem to believe that your school/factory/orchestra exist as a jobs program for union members, and any children educated, cars built, or music performed is OK if it happens to occur. 

    I know people who have gotten “written up” for sweeping up dead bugs next to their desks after requests for the badly-named ‘Cleaning Services’ to do it went unheeded for days.

  3. There was a time when Unions were a very good thing but it looks like they have now gone the way of blocking not benefiting it’s members or the people who are there to help their members.

  4. Hey Momma- how are you doing?

    Unions, like the Guild of Violinmakers I must be a member of here, start out as a good thing.  But as they get more powerful, they often get to be as corrupt and bureaucratic as the institutions they were established to combat.

  5. Speaking of drivers…  Last year on the Bush Autobahn, I saw a Hummer H2 with a big ass pleasure boat hitched to it fly by at roughly 75-80 mph in windy conditions. 

    Speaking of unions…  A friend’s dad got called in one weekend to drive 40 miles into work to tighten one bolt.  He was so pissed about being called in that after he chewed a few asses over it, he ended up with 8 hrs double time for the call.  The pay was more b/c his dad’s reaction was “You know how to use a fucking wrench, I don’t need to drive out there”, but the union didn’t want to let non-union touch its turf.

  6. Your union story reminds me of an old chemistry saying:  “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.”

    Just curious Les, do you listen to Freethought Radio?  It’s run by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) out of Madison, WI.  It has been broadcast on Air America Radio on Saturday mornings for the past few weeks and you can subscribe to the free podcast through iTunes.

  7. Don’t even get me started on bad drivers.  I often wish I had launchable missles in my car to take care of dangerous drivers.

    Some thoughts on the union issue-I have belonged to one, although a fairly weak one, the food & grocery workers local, and it was a pretty square deal all around.  By the nature of the grocery business, a union doesn’t cause any work back-up or problems.  A whole store (excepting management) is union, so the work gets done.  For a $250 initiation fee and $22.50 per month, I got started at $2.50 or so per hour above minimum (for an entry level deli clerk position), guaranteed hours, yearly raise plus small cost of living raises, and the real deal-100% medical, vision, and dental coverage.  One of my co-workers had a wife going through cancer treatment-all covered.  Of course, I was 20 years old, healthy as a horse, and got one free teeth cleaning out of it.  You could also get mediation if they fired you for a bullshit
    reason.  The thing I didn’t care for was not that the store managers wanted hard work for the money, but that they enforced a lot of rules on the employees that a non-union store wouldn’t.  You could be written up for taking your break at the wrong time.  You could be fired for going out the back door without a manager present.  You could be written up and then fired for being late as little as three times in a year.  Random drug tests for all departments.  Once in a while the security guard would get uppity and want to look in an employee’s purse or jacket on the way out.  There were plenty of drawbacks, but they were just revenge rules enforced by the owner and management to punish us for daring to barter with our only commodity.

  8. CA, I’ve yet to sit down and figure out which station in Detroit carries Air America as I mostly listen to NPR in the car. When I’m home I don’t listen to the radio much, but I may check out that podcast. I had heard they had a show going, but haven’t checked it out yet.

  9. Ok, absurd . . . but dude, you seem way to smart and creative to be working in such a shit-box existence!  Break out of that crap man, there are much better choices to make with this short life!

  10. He would if he could, Techno Luddite.

    SE Michigan is still in recession regardless of what the media is reporting. 

    SEB will begin classes next Fall.  I don’t know where. Or if it will be full or part time, but he WILL start working on his Bachelor’s Degree come September 2008.  In the mean time, we must “bide our time” here until our kiddo graduates from HS (June 08).  Then we will be free to move where the work is and pursuit SEB’s higher education.

  11. “Still in recession”?  Dude, I very much hope I’m wrong. But I study historical financial patterns, and we will be lucky if this current financial rot ends up as JUST another Great Depression type of event!

    Plan accordingly, self-sustaining community is key. Think 20’s technology.

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