The Doctor’s TARDIS will be crowded next season.

According to the folks at Outpost Gallifrey the next season of the new Doctor Who will find the doctor dealing with not just one companion, but a total of three.

First the season starts off with the return of Donna (Catherine Tate) from last year’s Christmas episode, then later Martha (Freema Agyeman) will return from a stint with the Torchwood folks and finally Rose (Billie Piper) will find her way back into the TARDIS from the alternate reality she was supposedly trapped in. Initial reports on the web suggested she’d be back for at least three episodes, but the official Doctor Who homepage says those reports should be taken with a grain of salt and that, at the moment, they’ll only confirm that Rose is returning to the series.

This has a bit of a what-are-we-going-to-do-to-top-last-year’s-season feel to it and makes me somewhat concerned for the shows long-term viability, but it will be cool to see Rose in action again.

7 thoughts on “The Doctor’s TARDIS will be crowded next season.

  1. There’s also an interview with John Barrowman (Cap. Jack) saying he’ll be back in Season 4 as well.  I don’t actually mind this at all, as I thought Martha Jones (aside from the last three episodes) was a bit on the weak side.

  2. I liked Freema a lot more than “Ow, those teeth!” Ms. Piper actually. I like the idea of more Torchwood connectivity though.

  3. zilch – I got ‘em down at Grimly’s House of Pantaloons.
    They come with a one year subscription to Bitchin’ Britches magazine. tongue rolleye

    Hussar – I’ll be looking for that for sure! Is it on BBC America?

  4. No sorry. It was a special fro BBC’s annual telethon “Children in Need”. The original ending to the last episode is when it all starts going wrong, and then the Tardis hits the Titanic.  They just dropped the Peter Davison return in between.  They even managed to explain how come he had aged.

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