So how was your Black Friday?

We did the Black Friday get-up-way-too-fucking-early-and-still-not-get-the-really-good-deals thing last year so we didn’t feel the need to do it again this year. Which isn’t to say we didn’t get any Christmas shopping done today, we just cheated and did it all online. At this point I’d say we’re over two-thirds done with our shopping all in the course of not even a full afternoon of poking around on various websites. We’re sticking pretty close to our budget as well so we’re pretty happy.

Which isn’t to say we didn’t go out today at all. I donned my Santa suspenders and put on the new Santa hat Anne recently bought me and we hit the local coney island for some lunch. Across the aisle from us were a couple of old ladies who had to be in their 70’s at least and during the meal one of them got up and came over to our table. She bent low to my ear and said, “OK Santa, where’s the tree? I want to check and see if I’ve got a present!” The she winked at me and wandered back to her table with a grin. Later, once they’d finished, her partner came over and told Santa that she hoped I would be good to her on Christmas day and I said I’d see what I could do for her. From lunch we stopped off at Kroger’s for a junk food run so we could relax this evening drinking Egg Nog liqueur and pre-mixed White Russians and partaking of various snacks such as Triscuts and a port wine cheese ball. During my time in the store I had no less than three people say “nice hat” as they passed by. It always amazes me the sort of reaction wearing that hat gets me.

So we just finished watching the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol and I’m starting to feel the effects of those White Russians. I just wanted to take a moment and write a quick entry seeing what you folks have been up to. Out shopping? Get any great deals? Or just kicking back and enjoying the day after Thanksgiving?

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  1. So how was your Black Friday?

    Doesn’t happen here, Black Friday tends to have a different meaning in the UK. However for the info of the Brits, I work for HMRC, so you can imagine this week…

    Oh and Les- in Britain ‘Suspenders’ that keep ladies stockings up- until the US-English dictionary kicked in, I had quite a disturbing image…

  2. Blew waaaaaaayyyyyy too much money and barely started Christmas shopping for others.  But the girlfriend and I got plenty of goodies for ourselves. Additionally, we got most of our Christmas decorations as this is my first year really decorating having been living in a small college apartment the past few years.

  3. Slept in, wrote my Friday post, did pretty much nothin’.  Very relaxing Black Friday.

    MrsDoF spent all of $12 on some crocheting accessories.  Creative, that one.

  4. Slept in.  Fought another distro. or two of Linux until one finally cooperated with the new motherboard, and then fought that one into near-submission.  Spent a couple hours at work.  No shopping except for two things at the grocery store on the way home.  Another day in Paradise.  And I’m not being too ironic about that, actually.

    Hope that all are well and settled into a long weekend.

  5. Let’s see what goodies I found today that now reside in my home:

    160GB Maxtor (8mb cache, 7200 RPM) external drive: $49.99

    2GB SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Stick (preloaded with Avast and Skype): $14.99

    2GB SD Flash Memory card for the camera: $14.99

    50-pack Memorex DVD-R spindle: $9.99

    100-pack TDK CD-R spindle: $9.99

    20” (5ms, 800:1, 300 cd/m2, WSXGA+) Acer Widescreen LCD: $168.99 <—Got this for the wife as a birthday present. It’s a beauty too. I mean I’ve seen other widescreen monitors, but the picture on this thing is pretty damned good. I just need to putz around with the ClearType settings a bit more to get that all worked out.

    And I only stopped at two locations (Radioshack and Walmart) – total time browsing: 2 hours, total time in line: 5 minutes.

  6. Well, my Maytag Neptune washer gave up the ghost so the majority of my black friday was spent researching washers online and visiting various appliance stores.  Fun!

    But on a lighter note, I *finally* bought Oblivion for my 360.  The one with the two expansion packs bundled.  Yay.  So tomorrow is official Oblivion day for me wink

  7. I had to work, but since I’m currently slumming in a tobacco store and not a ‘real’ retail place it was pretty quiet.

  8. Got a dual core AMD CPU to upgrade my machine, a cheap mobo, memory, and video card. I will take the old CPU and parts I just mentioned and turn a POS machine into a working second one. All parts cost me $294, but came with $110 in mail in rebates. So I would say spending $180 for a better computer and a working one is not bad at all.

    Newegg and ZipZoomFly baby! No lines at all or early wake ups, I could of shopped naked!  cheese

  9. We did our part for the forces of evil – went to see Beowulf in IMAX 3D.  I’ll tell ya, there’s this one scene of someone bungee bouncing his butt over the pointy thing on top of a tower that had the whole audience grabbing their own anuses.  And in the big Beowulf nudity scene, all I could think of was Austin Powers. hmmm

    As for shopping, I needed to pick up a prescription, and there was no line at Walgreens. They did have one nifty deal I couldn’t resist – a massage/heat seat pad with a car adaptor for 10 bucks.  Such a bargain.  And no lines at Petco for cat stuff and new sand for the hermit crab.  Then, turkey and TV.  tongue laugh

  10. Kevin: Well, my Maytag Neptune washer gave up the ghost so the majority of my black friday was spent researching washers online and visiting various appliance stores.  Fun!

    Oh man.  Best Buy let loose their 10% off coupons one weekend earlier this month and actually allowed all the large appliances (except floor model/clearance).  We got our Neptune dryer in 2001 when they screwed up the coupon and didn’t exclude Neptunes.
    I found these coupons, but I don’t know if BB will accept them (haven’t asked or tried).

    The OfficeMax by me did take coupons I got from the same place.  The file’s not online anymore, but I did download it.  Coupon for $10 off $20 purchase through Nov 30.

    My Black Friday started at 3am Thanksgiving.  Got the 22” Samsung widescreen lcd monitor at
    for $199 and Rome season 2 for $40.

    Went to Fry’s at 5 am Friday, walked right in, got the pqi 2GB SD for 17-17 rebate (damn thing doesn’t work, returning it today), the 256 CD/DVD case 15-15rebate (Those went freaking fast – one pallet in 15 minutes), and a 320GB SATA HDD for $49.  Shopped for about half a hour then I stood in line for almost and hour and a half to checkout.  I made sure to bring my Samsung P2 for the lines.  I was a little annoyed with the advertising:  they did a 2 page on Thursday for Friday only, then a big 9 page ad Friday morning for more Friday only stuff, which I found after I got home.  At least there wasn’t anything else in it I was eager for.  Today, they did an 8 page ad for the weekend.  At least I can go back and pick up something when I return the sd card.

    Hit the Home Despot next (and next door to Fry’s), less than a dozen shoppers, couldn’t find the 3 led flashlights for $5, but it may have been a typo(store had them for $5 each).  Got a mini leatherman knockoff for $2 and dual 250W halogen work lights w/ stand for $14.

    That was my Friday.  Really wasn’t much else out that I was looking for.

  11. I work for HMRC, so you can imagine this week…

    No, and I don’t want to at all. I really don’t. Stay well, dude. Hopefully this will all fly over soon enough.

  12. Having family experience with long-lived Maytag washers, we once bought a Neptune washer.  I was not impressed:

    On 1/18/1999, I purchased a Maytag Neptune washer. It has broken 5 times in 5 years of moderate use: 2 water pumps, a seal, something wrong with the buttons, and now the bearings on the tub assembly have gone out and it errors out while filling (we have normal water pressure.) The current repair estimate is expected to be over $400. This is not what I paid the Maytag corporation $1,215.62 for only 5 short years ago.

    When I say “moderate use,” I mean we had 3 kids at home when we bought the washer, and now we have 1 kid at home. We are very careful with machinery and followed the user video and manual very carefully.

    You can make a satisfied customer out of me by replacing this washer: it has been very unreliable and a terrible reflection on the Maytag name.

    I would be open to some arrangement like you paying for 1/2 the cost of a replacement washer, but you need to somehow make good on the huge investment I made in a Maytag washer.

    My address is xxxxxxxxxxxxx., Normal, IL 61761. The serial number of my washer is 33122415uy. The model is mah3000aww.

    And here was their answer:

    Hello George,

    Thank you for visiting our customer service page. We appreciate your interest in our “next generation” products and service.

    We sincerely apologize that you are experiencing any type of issues with the product. Upon reviewing your file history, our records indicate the manufacturers warranty has expired. We regret to advise, no assistance can be offered.

    Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact us if we can be of further assistance.

    Priority One Consumer Services
    … Received Date: 7/5/04 Completion Date: 7/6/04

    Translation from “Jennifer”: ‘Next Generation’ means we have your money so ‘buh-bye!’.  When we received that answer, we replaced the Neptune with a Sears front-loader.  We have had one repair on it which was covered by the extended warranty that I purchased in case it was no better than the Neptune.

  13. DOF,
    Yeah, we’ve got the mah4000aww.  Haven’t had the control board go out yet, but I’ve had to scrap and paint the underside of the lip in the detergent box where the water comes in.  Seems they neglected to paint around that opening underneath, so it’s open to rusting. 

    We’ve got a houseload of Maytags, all in 99-2000.  Seems about the time they forgot about quality manufacturing.  Our fridge and gas range have had issues, and our dishwasher was in the recall they did this year.  The Neptune dryer, oven, and microwave have not messed up yet.  So far we’re 3-4.  Needless to say, we won’t be buying another Maytag.

  14. Skipped Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  I’ve been in the dorms all weekend working on school papers though I did watch a few football games.

  15. Last_Hussar – Somewhat. I think the whole set of shenanigans is stupid, though. Don’t get me wrong – the inquiry looks through some of the vital weaknesses in the system, but, I mean, you already have the solution to what is currently decried as the ‘problem’.

    Trackable bloody mail! If it’s that important, insure it, secure it and send it (wow, if that doesn’t sound like a slogan..)! I feel bad, ‘cause I know all this shit’s gonna bog down on the workers who handled the mail. Yes, mail goes missing. This time it was important mail.

    I’d be very upset at those who didn’t think enough of the mail to look after it beforehand. On the other hand, if we are to find, say, a group of people snooping through your mail and making copies of all digital data passing through, then expertly putting the mail back in the system, then hey, the whole thing isn’t a messy waste.

    my 2c.

  16. The odd thing is the courier company have made a public ‘washing of hands’ statement. When they took the job on it must have been on the understanding that there would be items covered by the Official Secrets Act, yet no comeback on them.

    ( I would like to point out I do not reveal anything not already in the public domain).

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