SEB Reviews back in action.

I just spent the past couple of hours reworking the long neglected Stupid Evil Bastard Reviews sub-blog in preparation for the various reviews I’ve been working on. In addition to getting rid of the now defunct ExpressionEngine Amazon Plugin, I’ve updated the listings with current pricing and reintegrated it into SEB’s front page so you won’t have to check two sites to keep up with any reviews that come along.

I’ve not updated SEB’s RSS feeds to include content from the sub-blog yet, but I plan to do that very soon. If you click on either the product image or the listed price you’ll be taken to’s listing for the item in question and your’s truly will earn a couple of cents in the process. As I’ve said before I don’t hold any illusions of making myself rich by writing deeply insightful and informative reviews, but if I can eek out a few pennies here and there I’ll be happy.

Now I can sit down and finish up a couple of these book reviews that are in various stages of completion.

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