Mr. T and William Shatner do “World of Warcraft” commercials.

WoW already has more players than some countries have people, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be willing to take on a few more and with that in mind they’re once again releasing a couple of new commercials. This time they feature Mr. T and William Shatner describing their WoW characters:

Oh, that Mr. T had me rolling on the floor!

11 thoughts on “Mr. T and William Shatner do “World of Warcraft” commercials.

  1. Chuck Norris plays a female gnome of some sort, probably with pink hair, daring anyone to make fun of him.

  2. Discussion on our server yesterday, is it cooler to be alliance and have Mohawks, or to have Bill as a Tauren.  I think we got Shatner because the Horde has green chicks. smile

  3. I saw the Mr. T one last night for the first time and was about to email you Les, till I saw this post. It was too damn funny!

  4. I’d envision Chuck as a rogue or paladin.  Rogue because of the martial arts and paladin because of Walker, Texas Ranger, lol. 

    What might other famous personalities play?

    Tom Cruise – Bloodelf Warlock or Nightelf Priest?
    GWBJr – Gnome Warrior or Orc Rogue?
    Alyssa Milano – Nightelf Druid or Troll Mage?
    Ron Perlman – Tauran Shammy or Draenei Paladin?
    Danny Devito – Dwarf Hunter or Undead Rogue?
    Lindsay Lohan- Undead Priest or uh, anything else undead?

  5. Who knew Mr. T was actually Mr. IT?  If they had a Mohawk class in the game, I’d probably re-up my account and return to Azeroth.

  6. I’m wondering if Shatner and Mr. T really do play Wow, or were just acting for the commercial.

    Jessica Alba would be my choice for a female actress for these commercials.

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