Jesus and his mom team up for special pancake appearance.

So take a close look at the following picture (you can click it for a bigger version) and tell me what you see…

If you’re this nutcase lady in Florida what you see is Jesus and Mary:

Marilyn Smith was making a pancake a couple of weeks ago.

As she was sprinkling it with chocolate powder, the Port St. Lucie woman noticed two figures in the grill marks.

To her and her daughter, they appeared to be Jesus and Mary.

I can’t see it. Maybe some sort of fat headed mutant rabbit, but not Jesus and Mary, but here’s the thing that kills me about this story. They followed in the footsteps of so many other True Believers™ and slapped that puppy up on eBay and some moron out there paid $338 for a FUCKING PANCAKE.

I seriously need to start paying attention to random patterns so I can get in on some of that money makin’ action.

15 thoughts on “Jesus and his mom team up for special pancake appearance.

  1. When I was in high school, my parents, aunt and I went to visit a cousin of my dad’s in Nanticoke Pennsylvania.  While we were there, she hauls out this picture of her bird feeder in the back yard and tells us that Jesus regularly appears on it and she took a picture of it.  My dad and I looked at each other, glanced at the picture and both said, “Oh, yeah, there it is.  Wow.  We’re going outside now.”  My mother and aunt spent the next half hour sincerely trying to see Jesus in the bird feeder.  They convinced each other that there was something there, but that they couldn’t quite make it out.

  2. Wheeler: Jesus, Mary and Sausage Links

    Wow, that should be a band name just imagine… or not.

    Of course the band would destroy itself from infighting after the singer announces that they are more popular than sausage links.

  3. With a little effort, I bet I could follow these directions and get a really kick ass Jesus toast. Could probably make a bunch of them….Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow if I’m bored.

  4. It does resemble the classic Blues Brothers picture a bit, but on closer inspection I have determined that the figure on the left is a cyclops in a baggy KKK hood, and the figure on the right is a man with a black eye who is picking his nose with a dildo.

  5. Looking at Bog Bro’s link, maybe somebody should start making butter pencils…

    Somebody had mentioned something (in another thread) about using a waffle iron to make the images.  Forget that – I want a food printer.  Throw pancakes, waffles, tortillas, etc, in like you do with cd printing.  Or maybe hack an easybake oven.  Photoshop up your desired image and hit print.

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